Not Making Money Travel Blogging? Try Blog Trips

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How to Find Blog Trips So the big questions of the day: if you are not making money travel blogging, what else is there? Answer: Blog Trips. Sometimes called ‘sponsored trips’, ‘press trips'(for traditional media), or more succinctly: “free” vacations¹. I started out this week by going to the Super Bowl of travel networking events, World Travel Market in London, …

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World Travel Market: Make Money Travel Blogging

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It’s more than just how to make money travel blogging. I came. I saw. I drank – everything. Everything at every country. I didn’t want to be rude. Life is more than just trying to make money travel blogging. I had to savior the moment, and with every country in the world in attendance practically (hell Kazakhstan was there), I …

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Can You Really Make Money Travel Blogging?

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Well the time has come yet again, for me to stretch my networking muscles (acute dexterity with champagne in one hand and hors d’oeuvre in the other) and linguistic prowess (shameless lies and flattery) to the travel community. I don’t abhor the gratuitous drinking, but I do seem to falter when it comes to the endless conversations. Last month I …