Living and Working in Paradise: Three US Destinations That Bring Paradise to You

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Life is all about the perfect balance of work and play. When you live in paradise, finding that balance is easy. Learn about the top three destinations that bring paradise to your front door.


  1. Hawaii

If you want to live in a true paradise, then look no further than Hawaii. Although Hawaii is a long plane ride away from the mainland, the long journey is worth it. Once you arrive, you’re surrounded by a magical landscape. Volcanoes, waterfalls, and lush greenery surrounds you.

In addition to having great scenery, Hawaii also has a relaxed vibe that can calm the most stressed individuals. Unlike states in the mainland, Hawaii is a true island. You can embrace the island life after a long day of work.

The state also has a great job outlook. There are many careers in Hawaii that are expected to experience growth this year. If you have the right skills, then you won’t have any trouble finding work.

  1. Big Sur, California

Big Sur brings the paradise straight to you. It’s much like the Italian Riviera, but without the jet lag. Located on the central coast of California, Big Sur gives you a beautiful view of the Santa Lucia Mountains. As you drive around the area, you can visit some breathtaking beaches and see picturesque waterfalls.

Big Sur is so much like paradise that many artists and poets have captured the area’s beauty. When you live in the area, you get an opportunity to appreciate that beauty every day. Finding jobs in the area can be slightly challenging.

There is no big city close to the area, so you are a little limited in your employment options. However, the hospitality industry is thriving. If you are willing to work in hospitality, then you can easily get a job in paradise. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a place as beautiful as Big Sur. For that reason, it’s worth considering a move to this paradise.

  1. Key West, Florida

No matter where you are in the continental US, Florida isn’t far. That means that paradise isn’t far, either. Key West is located on the southern coast of Florida. There are several other islands on the Florida Keys, but Key West might be the only island that is the epitome of paradise.

Key West brings the Caribbean to you. In fact, you might feel more like you’re on a foreign island than you’re in the US. The only difference is that you get all of the comforts of home. Most of the buildings are bright and beachy. Around every corner, you can find a beach boutique or an art gallery. In the keys, there’s something in the air. Being in the area does something to people – it relaxes them.


Although there aren’t many beaches for you to enjoy, there are plenty of opportunities to get on the water. In your time off from work, you can explore paradise. Finding jobs on the island isn’t exactly easy, but it is possible. There are many tourist-driven businesses in need of great employees. You could get lucky and find the perfect job.