How to Get a Job in Spain: Nine Tips for Working in Spain as an American

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It’s better to rip off the Band-Aid, so here goes: getting gainful employment when you don’t hold an EU passport, ie jobs for Americans in Spain, can be difficult, though not impossible. Spain is slowly emerging from a half-decade financial crisis, and the market is opening for several sectors. It’s a common misconception that teaching English is the only job …

The Ultimate Manifesto for Eternal Happiness and How to Find Work Overseas

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So if you are a regular reader of this weblog I gots going here – kudos to you. You are obvious as intellectual as you are beautiful – and I thank you. But more than expressing my everlasting gratitude for putting up with my meandering prose, I would also like to apologize. I have traveled the world for about 8 …

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Jobs Working Overseas are everywhere. Really. Just Go.

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Okay this post is longggg overdue. But after receiving possibly my 1 millionth email asking how to work overseas, find a job abroad, what should I do with my degree in 15th century French literature because I really just want to get paid to travel the world…etc. etc. I just finally have to say it:  You can go to pretty …