Is online gambling in Thailand safe and legal?

Nothing is as exciting and fascinating as heading out to a brick and mortar casino to experience the thrills of gambling. But of course, playing these games when the law prohibits such activities is illegal, and in most cases, it could lead to less than desirable repercussions.

You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law, and that’s why we have prepared an article on online gambling in Thailand so that you can play safely in style.

An overview of the gambling market in Asia as a continent

At the time of writing this article, Asia is considered as the largest gambling market, which isn’t an unexpected fact, given that the Asian population constitutes of more than 60% of the global population.

Some of the popular trends in the global market for the online casino industry are also exhibited in the Asian market, such as the increased usage of mobile devices to wager as well as the online casino evolution. And all these changes involve and use some technological measures just to ensure the continent and the industry keeps up with the ever-increasing demand for the services.

But some of the significant changes taking place in the online gambling scene also seem to affect the regulatory scene too, where each country in the continent has to keep up to speed with the current phenomenon and also has to come up with rules and regulations accordingly.

As the online casino industry continues to record a consistent growth, thanks to the new technologies and increased penetration of internet to different regions in the world, it’s time we turned our attention to one of the most popular and fastest-growing gambling market in Asia – Thailand.

Are casinos legal in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the few countries in the Asian continent with contradictory gambling laws. Contradictory in the sense that there are different laws that regulate gambling activities and even though most of the gambling activities are illegal, Thai people enjoy betting on real money games.

In Thailand, there are two popular forms of gambling activities: horse racing in Bangkok, which is mostly left for the elite and the rich people, and the national lottery, which is a big hit with people from all over the country.

To meet the ever-growing demand for gambling activities within the country, there are different land-based casinos located in Laos, Cambodia and Burma, which can easily be accessed by the Thai citizens. Even more, Thai people can also enjoy gambling online and then pay the different casinos a visit to collect their winnings.

Online Gambling in Thailand – Is it safe and legal?


Thailand’s relationship with online betting and gambling activities is slightly strange and interesting at the same time. For starters, online casinos are considered illegal in Thailand. Any service related to gambling and betting cannot be registered online, with the exception of the lottery and horse racing games approved by the Racing Board or the Lottery Commission.

However, the gambling laws have a specific protection: a Thai is allowed to gamble and access all online casino related activities online, provided the online casino is not within the country. This means Thai players can sign up to any reputable online casino, claim the best casino bonus going at that time, and proceed to play real money games from internationally renowned online casino websites.

However, it’s illegal for an online casino website to advertise in Thailand, which is a disadvantage as more people are bound to miss out on the right information pertaining gambling online.

Brick and Mortar Casino vs Online Gambling, what do Thai players prefer?

When it comes to preference, the majority of Thai players opt to use their local bookmakers because they not only offer localised interfaces, but they also provide much easier hassle-free payment options.

Some of the Thai players use Philippines and UK betting online casinos are also used though they don’t have friendly banking options, which the Thai players can use to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. Nonetheless, the UK online casinos offer better gambling services, especially in terms of game variety and as such, they tend to have earned a higher degree of safety and trust among English speakers living in Thailand.


Online gambling and betting are therefore legal in Thailand, as long as the online casino operates from aren’t located within the country. This means, technically, the government of Thailand has no laws protecting its citizens from unscrupulous online casinos. As a player, it’s therefore imperative that you ensure the online casino you are visiting has a very high reputation for offering safe, secure and reliable services, and one that will not engage in illegal practices or underhand tactics.

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