Is Diving in Belize’s Blue Hole Worth it?

Turner Belize

“Dude…that was like totally awesome.”

“What was totally awesome?

“Ah…the dive.”

“Which part – the terrible visibility or the silhouettes of common sharks off in the distance?”

Should I go diving in Blue Hole in Belize?

I always seem to have a great internal debate whether or not to follow the advice of people. I mean when someone first starts shelling out some random recommendation the gut reflex tends to be “Oh yeah…that sounds great. Thanks for the advice”. And just like a little chicken responding to some feed being put in front of him – an idea has been planted into your melon that has been given some credence without any idea if the person who generously offers up that advice knows how to tie their shoe laces. Opinions, by nature, are subjective and completely dependent upon the experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of the donor. Well – that certainly didn’t cross my mind when I heard about how great the diving is in Blue Hole. It wasn’t a hippie, hipster, hobo or some other off putting member of society dishing out the intel – so why shouldn’t I believe him?

Blue Hole – is one of the “Natural Underwater Wonders of the World”. True. It is in Belize and as it name reveals, it is just a giant blue hole. From an aerial perspective it is breathtaking of course, a ring of coral with turquoise water surrounding it with a dark blue circle in the middle. Gorgeous. But diving in blue holes is an entirely different thing. First of all, it is dark as shit down there and second of all, it is dark as shit. So we are stuck in a hole that is dark as shit, basically devoid of life (both plant and animal), and we are told to be awed and amazed at the coral formations – isn’t the point of diving is to be able to see something: a rock, a fish or the obese diver in front of you, but not in Blue Hole. It is basically the equivalent of taking a blind date out to dinner: you get 12 minutes of diving into the depths of the unknown and then have to endure 6 hours of sickness and regret for the low-low price of $220.[sucker]

So should I be surprised how things turned out with the advice that I gobbled down without hesitation? Not really. I didn’t think to ask myself – well what kind of a person is this guy who is generously acting as my scuba diving guru? Because if I had, I would have disregarded two groups offering the advice to me – the new diver who is just excited to be putting on a wet suit and going deeper than allowed at their experience level because the shady dive company just wants money. And the expert dive aficionados, who dive anywhere in the world for the sake of diving, no matter what they see or how much it costs because they get aroused when a clown fish goes by. So what’s did I learn and take away from all of this? First, don’t buy the hype and dive in Blue Hole unless you are from one the aforementioned dive groups. And second, don’t take anyone else’s advice ever…unless they are your dear sweet mother who loves you and will nag you eternally unless you do.