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Can You Really Make Money Teaching in Korea?

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So you can’t really have a website about working overseas without addressing that big beautiful elephant in the room of making money teaching English overseas. Can’t do it. But since I have not undertaken noble task of spreading Western imperialism through language myself, I thought it might be interesting for those of you out there who would like to get …

The Ultimate Manifesto for Eternal Happiness and How to Find Work Overseas

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So if you are a regular reader of this weblog I gots going here – kudos to you. You are obvious as intellectual as you are beautiful – and I thank you. But more than expressing my everlasting gratitude for putting up with my meandering prose, I would also like to apologize. I have traveled the world for about 8 …

How I Got Fired from the Job I Invented

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UPDATE 06/24/2013: NEW BLOG POST HERE: UPDATE: The video was taken down from youtube, but a reddit user pointed out that it was reposted here. Also, my turner [at] aroundtheworldin80jobs (dot) com email is down, so please use turnerbarr [at] gmail (dot) com. So far, the company has not gotten in touch with me since this post went live. Check back frequently, more news …