How To Market Yourself As A Digital Nomad To Any Company

56.7 million Americans have freelanced at some point during 2018. Among the full-time freelancers in that group, 84% said that they most enjoyed the lifestyle of working remotely (this factor ranked higher than income!). This comes as no surprise, too. Traveling to various cities around the globe, never having to report to an office, and avoiding a stressful commute are incredible perks offered by this kind of work. It also affords you new experiences that can serve as an advantage when looking for your next project.

Instead of simply stating that you are a “freelancer” on your next job proposal, branding yourself as a digital nomad has some unique benefits. Explore three critical marketing tips that will give you the advantage over your competitors.

Create a blog about your remote work experiences

Setting yourself apart from others in your line of work begins with branding. In order for potential clients to know what you do, where you travel, and the one-of-a-kind experiences you bring to the table, starting a blog is a fantastic first step. A blog not only provides a creative outlet for building your brand, but it also serves as a place you can send potential clients who want to know more about you. Things to consider when creating your website include your domain name, the colors/logo you’d like to use, how you want to feature your portfolio, and how much of your work experience you can/would like to include on the site. Many remote workers and bloggers have a “Work with Me” page that provides details on what they do, as well as how to get in touch.

Have a strong presence on social media

In conjunction with your blog, having a strong presence on social media is crucial. Creating a Facebook Business page and Instagram for your brand provides another way to attract new clients, and to show people what makes your work experience unique. You can post travel photos, as well as images of past and current projects. Not only does social media allow you to easily brand yourself as a digital nomad, but it also enables you to quickly connect people with a visual of the work you do.

Use travel experiences to your advantage

Has your travel experience inspired you to learn a new language? Or have you worked face-to-face with clients in multiple countries? Listing these kinds of experiences (when relevant) sets you aside from the many other freelancers who do not have your unique set of skills. Whether you mention your experiences in a cover letter, or casually in a phone interview, always be thinking about how to leverage what you’ve accomplished.

Rather than stating that you are a “freelancer,” branding and marketing yourself as a digital nomad offers many one-of-a-kind advantages. From creating a blog and social media pages, to using your unique knowledge in cover letters and interviews, use every experience you’ve gained to your benefit.

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