How to Find the Perfect Pair of Travel Binoculars for your Trip

If you’ve never laid your hands on a pair of binoculars before, but you’re planning a trip to a safari, or you want to take up birding in an area near your home, you’re in the perfect place. Below you’ll find a list of things you ought to consider when you are in the market for such an optical instrument.

Water and fog proofing

This feature mostly depends on where your travels will take you, but you should nonetheless focus on getting a good pair of binoculars that is capable of withstanding the meteorological conditions regardless your future adventures.

For example, if you want to visit some parts of Central America and look at animals right in the middle of the jungle, it goes without saying that your optical device can be affected by humidity. Without going into too much detail, not all binoculars are made the same, which is why there are different degrees of water and fog-proofing.

Field of view

When it comes to choosing between binoculars with 8x magnification and binoculars with 10x magnification, if you want a wider field of view, you need to get the 8x one. Sure, that might limit you in terms of how close you’ll see your subjects, but the fact is that such a product will allow you to look at birds flying on a larger area.

Besides all that, an 8x pair of binoculars is way more stable compared to one with superior magnification. You’ll have to carry a support system like a tripod, and that might hang heavy on your back, along with the rest of your equipment.

Good grip

You need to know for sure that you are going to be able to hold the model properly in your hands without risking to drop it. Some of these optical devices can cost a pretty penny, so you have to know that you do not invest in something that will break ahead of its time.


Just as we were saying earlier on, some models are far more user-friendly compared to others. If you wear glasses, you need a pair that comes with comfortable eyecups and that you can set in accordance with your personal preferences. Because it is difficult to tell whether the model you’re thinking of spending your money on comes with this specific, especially if you shop online, we suggest you take the time to go to a store and ask for the opinion of a consultant.

If you travel with your kids and want them to use the same pair of binoculars as you, you have to make sure that the interpupillary distance is customizable. As you probably know, children have close-set eyes compared to adults, and that’s why this aspect is also essential.

You can use your 8x binoculars for a variety of other applications, not just traveling, watching birds, and anything else in these lines. Depending on their environment, the objective lens, and some other features, you can even employ them for surveillance purposes. The sky’s the limit when you have the right binoculars. For more info on getting the right model, read and spend wisely.

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