How to Find Timeshare Jobs

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Timeshare Jobs – How to Find Them and How to get them

Based on my long diatribe of heinous stories revealing the subtle to not-so subtle nuances of deception used by the Timeshare job industry, as well as my characterization of them as being shit-slingers who would lie to their dear old granny, you might presume that I would not recommend timeshare jobs to anyone. On the contrary, it would be morally presumptuous for me to define what kind of environment and code of ethics works for you. Likewise, as with any industry, the players within it can vary greatly. So while my experience has dealt with people who were probably somewhere in the middle range of bullshiting junk-hawkers, there probably are some quality companies and properties out there as well. It would be incredibly naïve for me to suggest that one resort is just like everywhere else. timeshares jobs are all over the world, as timeshares are sold in 100 different countries, with a variety of different business models. As such, with due diligence and some persistence, it is probably possible to find a decent company, in a decent part of the world, selling a decent dream to unsuspecting folk.

So first off, and probably most obvious, would be to figure out where you want to live. This actually could be more difficult to sort if you are a picky bastard with ADD such as myself. But for me, there is a clear benefit to picking a country that has a lower cost of living (than say US/Western Europe) yet has a higher quality of life (than say Sudan). Do you want a tropic island life? Or a winter wonderland village with endless hot wine?…I think batting somewhere in the Costa Rica or Mexico range is a good starting point- but to each there own. Most timeshares are somehow connected in RCI (, which is a big network of over 4,500 timeshares. You can peruse the site and see what kinds of locations are available and target your search accordingly. There are a myriad of different job boards online claiming to boast different jobs. Yawn blah blah. Maybe these might work for you, but from my limited experience, job boards range from fraudulent jobs to jobs applied for by a million people. However, given the long distances some of the locations of the jobs might be located, it might be logistically as well as economically infeasible to check out the job scene in real life, as such, researching and applying online maybe one course of action. However, if you do decide on the show up and see what happens method, dress for success. Look like the sales people they hire there. This may seem obvious, and it probably is, but for the more socially challenged (or apathetic like myself), dress like you actually want the job.

The best course of action if you decide to find a job on the road or want to look in person would be to talk to the OPCs. They are hustlers who know what timeshare has tours coming in, how much money is being paid out, and who is robbing people blind (all of them). You can find the OPCs at the airport as you go out of baggage claim or hanging around the center of town where the tourists are. They are the ones with an impressive level of english and exude “I don’t want this guy dating my daughter” aura. Once you reveal that you are in fact penniless and in the job market, they should be pretty candid with you about how to proceed.

Approach the timeshare property of choice after 1pm-ish but before 3pm (as they might have left at that point) and romance away. It is a very high-turn over biz so the interview will be direct and to the point. Saying less is usually always better as you lower your chances of putting you foot in your mouth. Keep in mind that this is a short-term sales gig without consideration for long-term relationships, as such, acting like a money-grabbing, greedy scoundrel actually would be viewed as a positive to your potential future employer – as they want someone hungry with no qualms about lying who can make them more money.

And just like that waalaa. Good triumphs over evil and you have landed yourself a travel job that could potentially be a big financial windfall for you as you enjoy life in paradise and endless daiquiris between conning people.

Congratulations, you greedy bastard.