How can you prepare for a job interview?

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Each job interview should start with proper preparation. Even if you are excited about your potential new job, the nerves can unsettle you. How do you ensure that your job interview will go smoothly? You must first prepare well for this. Good preparation can really work wonders in that case.

1. Understand the vacancy

Read the vacancy description carefully again. Get a picture of the ideal candidate for this job. Try to find the similarities between you and this person in terms of skills, characteristics and experience. In addition, search the employer’s page to see if you can find some useful information about the type of candidate the company is looking for.

2. Know the employer

You may have already researched this when you wrote the cover letter, but it’s wise to make sure you haven’t missed anything.


What exactly does the employer do?

  • How large is the organization?
  • What are the latest developments for this employer and this sector?
  • Have you read the latest (news) messages on the website and on social media?

3. Know your conversation partner

It’s useful to know in advance who you are talking to. This allows you to pay better attention to how you present yourself upon arrival. What are the names of the people? What role do they have within the company? Also, search via Google and LinkedIn to see if they might have done something special.

4. Prepare for possible questions

You can expect many questions during the job interview. Prepare for this so that you can answer the questions more easily. Google the most frequently asked questions during a job interview as a starting point. Also, Google yourself, so you know what the employer can find out about you. On the basis of this information, you can already determine what questions the employer can ask about you.

5. Prepare your own questions

What would you like to know about the position and the company? Make sure you prepare this in advance. Asking questions means that you have studied the position. You will also find out if the employer suits you.

6. Prepare a short introduction

Preparing for a job interview also means that you already know how to introduce yourself. Think of a short piece, of about a minute, to introduce yourself to your conversation partners.

7. Create an information folder

Preparing for a job interview also means that you take things with you. To be well prepared for questions about your resume or cover letter, you can keep an information folder handy. In this folder you put:



With this folder, you also show the employer that you have prepared for the interview.

8. Get your clothes ready

Get your clothes ready the day before. If something isn’t right with what you want to wear, then you still have time to look for replacement clothing. This prevents stress on the day itself.


We hope that with these 8 points, you now know how to approach your upcoming job interview.

Remember: preparing for your job interview starts with gathering knowledge!