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Hot summer vacation spots in America for 2017

With Memorial Day Weekend only a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning your summer vacation if you have not already done so.

With a wealth of destinations from coast to coast, America has the vacation experience you are looking for.

Below, we’ll float some ideas if you are stuck for ideas, but it’s probably safe to say you’ll be spending a decent amount of time in the sun no matter what you end up doing.

Be sure to take care to protect your eyes from the UV radiation when you venture outside, as these seemingly harmless rays can cause serious vision problems later in life.

If you have misplaced your pair of sunglasses over the winter, hop on a site like before you kick off your summer plans and grab a new pair, and not only will you be guarding your most important sense, but you’ll look incredibly cool as well.

Having said that, consider traveling to the following cities for your summer vacation.

1) Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon

Content to march to the beat of its own drummer, the city of Portland has cultivated an urban culture which stands out from most others across the country.

Whether it is donuts that have bacon on them, Bangkok-style food stalls, or Darth Vader playing a flaming bagpipe on a unicycle (it’s true … Google it), this city in the Pacific Northwest has built up a mystique that has drawn people in droves.

From The Peculiarium, which literally showcases some of the most bizarre stuff out there, to a vacuum museum (exactly what it sounds like), there are plenty of intriguing things to see and do here.

2) Denver, Colorado

Situated a mile high east of the Rocky Mountain front, Denver is uniquely positioned for those looking to combine urban and natural attractions into their summer vacation.

With plenty of trendy restaurants and bars, interesting museums, and stores which sell a rather stimulating green substance, this city will provide you with plenty of urban attractions.

A short distance to the west, the peaks of the Rockies beckon, with plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting to keep active travelers busy.

If you are headed to the mountains, though, be aware that UV rays are stronger at higher altitudes, and with some snow in the alpine remaining into June and July, the reflection off it can harm your eyes if you neglect to wear sunglasses.

Check out this gift guide, and you’ll find a pair that fits your style, and you’ll look great while keeping your vision sharp for years to come.

3) San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridge

As one of California’s most celebrated cities, San Francisco attracts more than its share of visitors. Whether you choose to take a boat cruise out to Alcatraz to tour one of America’s most impenetrable prisons, or walk across and then photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, it is easy to have an unforgettable travel experience in this city.

If you want to ensure that you have great weather for your visit, try to delay your trip until September, as the peculiar nature of the Bay Area’s climate means that the warmest days on average are had during this month.

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