Holiday cancelled? Don’t sweat it! Check out these tips to get your refund

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Sorry that your vacation has been cancelled! There’s nothing worse than planning an amazing trip down to the very last detail only to have it cancelled at the very last minute. Pretty heartbreaking! Having your holiday or your flights cancelled is more common then we like to think, which sounds terrible but at the same time it gives us reassurance that getting our money back shouldn’t be too difficult. You can get some really helpful holiday cancellation advice from Creditfix by clicking the link.

There are many reasons why your flights or vacation might have been cancelled. Ranging from issues with the plane, to a computer error at the airport, a security issue or maybe they didn’t sell enough tickets and they’ve had to pull the flight completely. As for your vacation package? Well, there might be a problem with the provider, maybe your resort is experiencing problems that won’t be rectified in time, or maybe extreme weather has caused some pretty drastic disruptions. Whatever the reason, rest assured that as a consumer you have rights to a refund. And to help you get started, I’ve included an infographic below of all the information you might need. Check it out.