The Guiltiest Pleasure I Hadn’t Indulged in in the Vegas – Until Now


me going crazy in Las Vegas as you can see, clearly

Me going crazy in Las Vegas as you can see, clearly, featuring a very masculine hip pose.


Catchy title huh? Makes you want some more huh? Oh yeah you want that don’t you. Well I hate to disappoint. I could take tell you about all kinds of secret guilty pleasures I have – like – the Machu Pichu, or that little thing the Romans once played with – the Colosseum. Or perhaps one of my other darkest pleasures – diving the Great Barrier Reef or seeing the Big Five in Africa. The thing is, my guiltiest pleasures involve crossing off world wonders off my bucket list – both man made and el natural varietals. So needless to say, when I had the opportunity to indulge one of my deepest, darkest guilty pleasures in the Vegas, I decided to take sometime out the average, tame sin city schedule (see: slots, shows, pool parties, rock concerts, world class magic shows, jail) – to get better acquainted with one of my must sees on my bucket list: the Grand Canyon via helicopter.

las vegas

Flying High in the Vegas: Helicopters rides to the Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

Taking to the skies to tackle one of my dream excursions to the Grand Canyon was even more exciting than just visiting the location itself, as I had also never taken a helicopter ride before. I have been intrigued by helicopters since I was a wee lad and secretly felt that being a helicopter pilot would be the perfect travel job for me, as I would certainly excel at it, as I look great in aviators.  But then I realized it costs about 150k to get all the licensing and training, or equally appealing, joining the armed forces and having to wake up before 9am. So this was my next best thing.

the helicopter

The trip began putting on this ugly yellow fanny pack, which is supposedly a life vest just in case you crash in the non-existent water in the desert. Safety first. You then lift off, gliding across the Vegas airstrip, and begin your journey – leaving sin city in your dust.


what a stylish fanny pack

what a stylish fanny pack keeping me safe and afloat in the desert

The ride is smooth as the helicopter maneuvers quite gracefully in the air. The cruising speed is about 150 miles an hour, but you don’t really feel it unless you are at lower altitudes.


grand canyon helicopter


go pro helicopter


helicopter jobs

You cross over the Hoover dam, and marvel at American infrastructure of yester year that still works – those were the days.  You then hit up a series of mining towns from the gold rush era before finally entering the canyon. The canyon, by name, is in fact grand. But it is also glorious as it is displays an array of colors from, oranges, to reds to the magnificent popular brown.


hoover dam2


hoover dam



grand canyon


helicopter ride


grand canyon by helicopter

After you touch down, you have to suffer through a champagne picnic above the river that flows through the canyon.

Maverick heli

And like all good…stories, the climax is reached, things wind down, and you end the romance. 4 hours in total, 3 glasses of champagne, and you got to conquer skies and wonder at America’s majestic underbelly. Eat that Bed, Bath & Beyond -not a bad little Saturday.


The trusted pilot...who selfishly wouldn't let me take  the chopter out for a spin

The trusted pilot…who selfishly wouldn’t let me take the chopter out for a spin


Special thanks to Maverick Helicopters in Vegas for the lift off. But I still think you should have let me fly the helicopter. Next time. Video is on the way – seriously.

las vegas go pro

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