health issues when traveling abroad

Health Issues While Abroad

While travelling abroad, sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most dangerous threats. It seems like quite a fun when someone has sex while in a holiday, but it may cause some serious issues.If one is abroad on a holiday or some business trips, discovering lices, warts or waiting for test result is not a good idea at all.

Whatever may your partner says or does, make yourself protected at any cost. The lists of most common STDs are as follows:

  • Genital Warts
  • Hepatitis B
  • Herpes
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Trichomonas
  • Gonorrhea

Apart from the above diseases, there are some small diseases which sometimes can also be seen.

Tips for staying protected from STDs when travelling abroad:

  1. Safer Sex: Always try to have safer sex while you are travelling abroad, this means always use a latex condom. If you have a tendency to use lubricants, always use water-based lubricants, as oil based lubricants can hamper the skin of the condom. If the sex life of yours involves intercourse regularly, then dental dams and condoms are the best ideas to avoid any kind of STD, although it is not 100% guaranteed.
  2. Test regularly: Having sex with strangers while in travelling abroad is not at all a good idea. But if one really needs it, he must be tested regularly. The partners should be clarified clearly about their past test results. The results which are valid must not be older than six months.
  3. Monogamous Relationship: While travelling distant places, it is always better to have a monogamous relationship. This means if you are having sex with someone, it is better to be with that partner for a while. This also goes with your partner too, this they must not change their sexual partner frequently.
  4. Be in your limits: Always be in your limits, that is to say, if you are out with your partner for a dinner or so, it is okay. Fooling around is also acceptable. But if one wants more than just fooling around, then they should use every possible protections available with them. But it is not always possible that once a couple gets into intimacy, they go around to find some condoms or contraceptive pills. So knowing your limits is very important. If you are planning to go furthermore than fooling around, carry enough protections with you.
  5. Do not have sex in the intoxicated state: It is quite obvious that someone will booze or get high in a vacation, but having set in that state is not recommended. It becomes very difficult to make sensible decisions while one is drunk or intoxicated. If one is intoxicated it is very likely that they will choose to have sex with anyone. And sexual intercourses in a drunk state is never a good idea. And negotiation for a safer sex is quite difficult while one is influenced by any drugs or alcohol.
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