Luxury yacht charter vacations are a great way to see the world. These kinds of tours can offer the chance to see some of the best, exciting and most beautiful sites the world has to offer. Some of the most popular destinations include France, Italy, Sardinia, Monaco, Greece, Croatia, St Barts, St Martin, British & US Virgin Islands and Antigua, Bahamas, St Lucia, Grenadines, Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

There are certain aspects that make luxury yachts one of the best ways to vacation. Yachts are also considered to offers charterers the highest standards of comfort, privacy and opulence that is unmatched by any five star hotel or resort.

With these very high comfort standards and opulence the price tag attached to a yacht vacation can be pretty steep. There is however a way in which you could enjoy a luxury yacht charter vacation and get paid for it. Simply get a job on a luxury yacht. You must be thinking that this would be difficult and that you need to be a professional seaman. No need to worry, yachts also have entry level jobs that require no experience. These jobs include stewardess, steward, cook and junior deckhand. Just like when planning a vacation it is important to plan ahead when looking for a job on a luxury yacht because competition is often stiff for these positions. Any additional work experience in the hospitality industry such as on a cruise ship, hotel or resort could boost your chances.

Special or specific skills that include being a bartender, tour guide, au pair, fishing guide, masseuse, kite surfing instructor, pianist, helicopter pilot, engineer, nurse and doctors will give you another way of getting aboard a luxury yacht vacation and getting paid for it. Some of these skills are essential in supplementing the crew.

Here are some basic tips to help you get hired on a luxury yacht charter vacation;

  • Create a good resume
  • Get odd jobs to build stamina for the pace required to work in a yacht
  • Be in the place to land the job
  • Register with a luxury yacht group
  • Maintain contact 24/7
  • You may also be required to earn a certificate that shows that you have basic skills in survival techniques, fire prevention firefighting, personal safety responsibility and basic first aid.

As you can see from the above planning your next luxury yacht charter vacation and getting paid for it is pretty simple, start planning today.

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