Following the road and financing Van Life

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It’s everyone’s dream, right? To enjoy a life full of travel and adventure. The only missing puzzle piece is how to fund it, and that’s going to depend on a few things. Travelling the world doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to one means in particular, and travelling by van may just be a small part of your journey. The country you travel, how long you travel for and whether you rent or buy a van during that time will all affect how much money you need to make prior to or during your dabble with the van life.

Adopting the lifestyle or trying it for size?

Despite the popular assumption that you have to sell everything you own, come into a large inheritance or drop out of an amazingly well paid job to indulge in the van life, that is not the full truth. While all these things are valid ways to kick start this new lifestyle, there are plenty of other options to get things off the ground, one of these includes sampling before committing.

It makes sense really that you should give the van life a spin before buckling up and hitting the road just to find out that you can’t cope with some of the sacrifices — and a test drive won’t suffice. No, no, no, you need to get right in there, rent a van and plan out a road trip, explore New Zealand or Australia, see what its really like to be confined in your space. See if you can really hack it.

You might find that shorter trips like this are okay, but you can’t see yourself going on like it indefinitely. That’s okay, in this case van life will simply require you to save up a little before hitting the road for a few months, then moving on to your next job. However if you got a taste for something you want a whole lot more of, you’re going to need a more stable income plan.

Side note: No matter how you fund your trip, you’ll need some extra cash before hand to purchase your dream van, or to work on customising your perfect conversion. Parked In Paradise have some great advice for self conversions or beginners tips for adopting the van way of life.

Making Money on the road

The test trip also serves as a good opportunity to test your money making plan if you wish to continue down the same path. Your savings can get you so far, and even if you’re only embarking on a short trip it can be handy to have some extra income, so use some of these top tips to keep things rolling on the road.

Blogging your adventure. As you know it can be difficult to create a blog that really takes off these days, but if you have useful information to share, a solid niche to coax and a good content plan, you might get lucky and take off, earning enough to keep things sweet.

Social media. This ties in to your blog and creating a brand, however it is entirely likely that you will build up more of a following on Instagram or Youtube and that brands will contact you through those for paid promotion deals.

Remote work. If you possess a good skill that you can use remotely, you could score some decent freelance gigs that help you keep that engine ticking. Lots of design, web development, writing, and teaching jobs can be done remotely. Check out this list of high paying freelance jobs and see which ones you could pull off.

If you love the life enough, you can find any mix of things to keep you going, including local work in the places you visit, so don’t give up on the dream.