Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In New Zealand

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New Zealand is often regarded as one of the most unique locations in the world, and once you visit once, you’ll only want to come back again and again. The landscape is magnificent: gleaming white sand, crystal clear waters, and unique sunsets. And when it comes to adventure activities, New Zealand tops the list. But whether you’re a more laid back traveler or adrenaline junkie, New Zealand has plenty of options for you to choose from! Here’s a short list of experiences that can only be done in New Zealand. 


  1. Lord of the Rings Tour

Because of the stunning and endless landscapes, Director Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as the location for the renowned The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And anyone can see why: it’s the perfect background if anyone desires to be surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks, lavish rolling hillsides, volcano-sculpted moonscapes, and transparent lakes. If you’re a fan of these fantasy books or movies, you may want to consider a Lord of the Rings New Zealand tour, many of which take place all over the country. They’ll show you the different mountains and scenery from the film series. You can even visit Hobbiton, a Hobbit village that is still in tact and was used on the movie sets!

  1. Waitomo Caves

Travel deep into the tranquil hallows of the Waitomo Caves where you’ll find thousands of the glow worms (arachnocampa luminosa) that inhabit the cavern. This species of glow worm can only be found in New Zealand, so this is a true unique experience. Whether you choose a boat ride or zip line, they glow worms will light your path. The caves are among the many marvels international visitors come to see, so make sure to plan ahead. 

  1. Shotover Jet Boat Ride

Tourists still come to look for gold in the Moke and Moonlight Creeks. If prospecting doesn’t interest them, then they can still come to the area for the thrills! The Shotover Jet boat ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Shotover Canyons. Enjoy 360-degree twists and turns on the shallow and broad waters that will get your heart pumping. Want to remember the experience? A video cams latched to the boat will capture the entire thing so you can relive the thrill as many times as you wish.

  1. Pilot Own Stunt Plane

Flying your own stunt plane is an activity that people think only exists in their dreams. In New Zealand, however, you can make this a reality! If just the thought of it makes your heart thump faster, why not try it out? But if roller coasters make you woozy, consider other escapades. Keep in mind that you’ll be guided by experts who will make sure to keep you safe, so add this one to your New Zealand bucket list!

  1. Queenstown Adventures

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world — and for good reasons! It’s a fairly small town surrounded by majestic rivers and iconic mountains. There are several adrenaline sports or outdoors activities to partake in, like skydiving, bungy jumping, river rafting, and canyon swinging. During the winter months you’ll get the option of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. With so many options in one place, you’ll never run out of adventure!