Finding Work As A Cruise Line Entertainer 

For entertainers, working on a cruise ship is one of the most unique jobs out there. It’s also financially rewarding — ship musicians make a median wage of $25.14 per hour, Chron reports. But whether you’re an actor, singer, dancer, magician, comedian, or even acrobat, working on a cruise line is a fantastic way to see the world while earning money. These positions are, however, very competitive. Use the following tips to find open positions, stand out in the audition room, and secure your entertainment job at sea. 

Manage your expectations 

Working for a cruise line is fun, but the work is demanding. You’ll be required to deliver engaging performances and interact with guests to provide a memorable experience. Entertainers may find themselves performing up to ten shows during one one-week cruise. And if you like your alone time to recuperate, be warned co-workers share rooms. On the plus side, accommodation is free (as agreed in your contract). There’s plenty of benefits to working on a cruise ship — just remember you’re primarily there to work.

Research prospective employers

You can rely on successful cruise lines like Disney, Princess, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean for regular open vacancies. So, research where these lines travel, their open positions, and past employee experiences so you know what to expect. Also check out the benefits packages. Most cruise companies are generous and include medical, dental, and life insurance as a minimum. Disability insurance is also essential in case you end up experiencing a disability while cruising; this is important coverage to have since over one in four twenty-year-olds will experience a disability for ninety days or more before retirement. Look out for restrictions. Disney, for example, only hire performers over 21 years old.

The audition stage

To find out about open positions and audition dates and locations, keep updated with cruise line websites. It’s also useful to follow casting directions on social media. Twitter, in particular, is used to announce open calls and make connections. At auditions, you’ll be expected to perform in a variety of styles. Dancers should be well-versed in ballet, ballroom, latin, and hip-hop, for example. Singers should be comfortable with traditional musical theater, pop, opera, and jazz. Skills like gymnastics and aerial training are also impressive.

Being a cruise line entertainer is hard work, but you get to experience new countries, learn new skills, and make friends. It’s also a great way for young performers to gain confidence and experience. Whichever job you go for, it’ll be a time you’ll never forget.

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