Finding The Best Golf Packages Offered Through VIP Golf Austin

Golfing can be a truly fun way to spend your free time. There are countless great courses across the United States to visit and enjoy. If you in the Austin, TX area or are planning to visit the area, you might be looking for some great golf packages to purchase. Golfing can be a little on the expensive side if you don’t take a little time to check out the prices in the area. However, there are some great golf packages to consider from the local Avery Ranch and Teravista golf courses. The great state of Texas has some of the best courses you can find. Each of the following different course packages will give you a taste of either of the golf clubs.

The Hole In One

If you have plenty of free time to golf or are on a long, overdue vacation, the Hole in One golf packages are definitely worth checking out when in Austin, TX. With this package, you will be able to spend an entire day relaxing and golfing. While this is one of the more expensive packages to buy, you will be getting everything included with it that you will need to have the perfect day. One of the first perks of the package is that the cart and green fees are already included. No extra costs are hidden into the package. You will also be given a bucket of free balls to practice your driving skills out on the range. Additionally, a free boxed lunch with two free drink tickets are given to you to use at any time during your visit. Lastly, after a long, amazing day of golfing, you will be able to enjoy a free buffet for dinner. You will be able to eat as much as you want after working up an appetite golfing all day.

The Bachelor’s Paradise

One of the golfing packages that is a little more on the affordable side when in the Austin area is the Bachelor’s Paradise package. You will be able to choose whether you want to golf at the Avery Ranch course or the Teravista course. When you choose this package, you will still get the cart and green fee included in the cost. Additionally, you will also get to enjoy the free box lunch and two free drink tickets that comes with it. Lastly, you will also be given the free bucket of range balls to practice with. While this package may be a little more affordable than the Hole in One golf packages, you will still get plenty of fun stuff included.

The Double Play

For those who are looking to try out both the Avery Ranch course and the Teravista course, you will want to look into the Double Play golf packages. Both of these local golf courses are close by to each other. With this package, you can choose whether you want to enjoy both of the courses on the same day or on separate days. Like with all of the other golf packages that you purchase, you will find that the green fee and the cart fee are already included. Additionally, you will still get a free bucket of range balls at each course to practice your drives with. This package may be one of the more expensive golf packages that is offered in the area. However, you will not regret getting the chance to enjoy a round of golf at two of the best golf courses in the country. Both the Avery Ranch course and the Teravista course will certainly offer you a great day of golfing with friends.


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