Exotic Destinations Where Vaping Is Banned

Traveling is fun, and sometimes you may be tempted to carry things that may get you in trouble when you arrive at your destination. If you’re a vaper, traveling with your best vape equipment may be common. But, while vaping may be okay in your home country, there are some parts of the world where owning an e-cig can land you in serious trouble.

For those who are unfamiliar, Vaping is a form of smoking where a special liquid is heated in place of tobacco. A single puff contains nicotine plus other flavors and what comes out is pure water vapor.

If you plan to travel internationally, vaping is of specific concern since some countries have legally banned vaping, e-juice, and vape devices. This follows a publication by the World Health Organization that claimed that e-cigarettes might not be the solution to help smokers stop the habit. Since then, several countries have heightened the ban on their use.

So, before you pack your bags and head to your favorite destination, you should remember that different vapes, even with perfect design and minimum harmful effects, can spell troubles on your vacation or business trip. So, read the list below to see if the country you plan to visit allows vaping.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the laws on cigarette use have become strict, and vaporizers are no exception. In fact, smoking publicly is prohibited, and manufacturers aren’t allowed even to advertise these products. If you plan on traveling to this country, keep your juice disassembled because the authorities are more concerned with this product.

You can use your vaporizer outside hotel areas, but not openly in the town center. E-cigarettes aren’t common in Costa Rica, so you don’t want to attract attention for the wrong reasons. In addition, carry along enough batteries and e-juice since you are not likely to find a legal supplier in the country.



If you’re planning to take a vacation to Thailand, you may want to drop your vaping kit. Thailand has some of the toughest vaping laws across the globe. There is a total ban on any e-cigarette equipment even for personal use. The least can be taking away your gear. But you can potentially be slapped with a 10-year prison sentence or a huge fine. So, don’t try to vape while in the streets of Phuket or Bangkok.


In India, vaping is totally banned in six major states including Punjab, Kashmir, Kerala, Jammu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The bans are strict on these states. For instance, in 2016, a man who was found selling and using vapes in Punjab and slapped with a three-year prison sentence. This shows how serious the ban is and if found, there are consequences.


China has seen increased cases of vaping since the habit came into limelight. There is also a health fight that is going on between China and the World Health Organization, which is one of the main entities that is advocating for bans on vaping until more research is done. Although vaping is becoming popular in China, smoking has been there for decades, and the laws governing the behavior haven’t been clear especially in major cities such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau. But if you’re planning to travel outside China specifically the south part, you may need to avoid vaping as the law ban it in several cities.


In 2014, Brazil banned vaping after a study that was done by the Food and Drug Administration that indicated that some types of vapes contained carcinogens. Hefty fines have since been imposed on anyone found with a vaping gear. If you’re visiting some areas such as Rio, it might be a good idea to carry along an e-pen or any vaping device.


Although there have been claims that e-cig is available in tourist attractions areas and in several other e-cigarettes cafe especially in Bali, vaping is banned completely in Indonesia. It has some of the slackest laws across the world. Although they are known for their strong smoking culture, they have totally banned vaping. In some parts such as Southeast Asia, you will be in trouble if you’re found vaping.

The United Arabs Emirates

The UAE and most parts of Dubai are known for their luxurious setting. However, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law enforcer if you are found with vaping equipment. In fact, they will take it away from the airport. The sale and use of the best vapes on the market are illegal, but there are several stores that flout the laws to satisfy the high demand of world tourists that go through the country. Still, this behavior is against the law, and there is no needing of carrying your gear only to be confiscated at the airport.


Although studies seem to recommend vaping as a way to help smokers quit the habit, the Ministry of Health in Singapore claim that vaping devices illegal. The ministry further claims that the vapor that comes from e-cigarettes and vaping devices contain cancerous agents and pose a huge risk to human health. As a result, vaping items should not be used in Singapore, and the ban will remain.


So, if your plan is to take a vacation soon, and you are addicted to the best vape, search for current information on laws of the country you intend to visit. Paying hefty fines or even serving a jail term can be frustrating and it will be even worse if your vaping equipment will be confiscated because you didn’t perform a background check of the destination you plan to visit. Similarly, if it’s legal, some countries have the specific zone for vapers, so when you visit remember to abide by these laws.

Research is still underway, and it is believed that once science has discovered that vaping is safer than smoking, the bans imposed by these countries will be lifted. It is important to gather more information about the safety of vaping from the publications done by the World Health Organization as most countries rely on their findings. Until a solution is found, avoid destinations with bans and enjoy your adventure in other places.

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Thanush Poulsen is a Danish blogger who stands for a healthy lifestyle. Having obtained a Bachelor Degree at Danish School of Media and Journalism and a Master Degree at Aarhus Universitet, he is focused on promotion and popularization of a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects on various fields of a person’s life. Currently, Thanush investigates to what extent vaping can be a safer alternative to smoking.

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    I wonder why India is so strict with their vaping rules! Very interesting

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