How Essay Writing Helps Students in Teaching English

Guest Writer Blog

While essay writing is a difficult task for many, it’s an extremely useful tool when it comes to learning English. From channeling personal opinions into a well-structured argument to improving general grammar and spelling, writing an essay can be beneficial to a student in many ways. Essay writing is a task set by many teachers in order to develop their students into critical thinkers. Practicing essays ensure that students continue to perform highly throughout their studies. 

If you are undertaking study at any level, you will find yourself inundated with essays and assignments asking you to discuss the ideas and concepts you have learnt. Teachers and professors provide essay writing tasks as a way to encourage you to think critically about the subjects they teach. When structuring an essay, you are forming a written argument that will help you engage with the content you are learning on a deeper level. 

After you have written countless essays, there is no doubt that your English skills will improve. To produce a high-quality essay, you must have correct grammar and spellings. Practicing essay writing helps you to perfect many grammatical basics, such as sentence structure and tense, whilst also expanding your vocabulary as you search for the perfect word to describe what you are writing about. It makes perfect sense that essay writing enriches your knowledge of the English language, enhancing your abilities to write.

Dissertation-writing extends your research skills as well, as it teaches you to find and examine any content that directly relates to the subject you are writing your essay about. 

There is no point writing an essay if you have no information to form your argument with, or to back up the points you are trying to make. Research skills are highly valuable, not just within English, but many other subject areas too. As you continue to climb the academic ladder, the research becomes even more important in developing a convincing and compelling argument. When you are researching material to include in an essay, you must decipher what information is relevant and what’s not. As you do this, you are also gaining knowledge that you didn’t have, even if it’s information that isn’t directly relevant to what you are learning. Knowledge is power, right? 

Writing essays is typically done for academic purposes, so it is important to do it well in order to receive good grades and achieve your academic goals. As you continue to practice writing, your general English improves. Ultimately, this leads to writing an overall better quality.

Although essay writing may seem like a pointless task at times, it is important to remember how writing an essay will help shape you as a student. Its benefits students by supporting the development of highly valued critical thinking and research skills. Basic English grammatical and spelling abilities are also improved with the composition of countless papers, and as these skills are perfected overall academic achievement improves too. Think of all of the valuable skills you will gain from that one simple essay. All in all, it is a truly valuable task, no doubt.