Do You Need A Visa To Visit India?

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When you think of travelling to Asia for a trip, you probably think of giving countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Singapore a visit. Oh, there’s also Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and HongKong. After all, there’s stereotype that Asians need to be relatively short and have sharp, thin eyes. Unsurprisingly, anyone who doesn’t look the part is associated with other continents. Take India, for example.

If you tell me right now that you’ve always thought India to be a part of different continent, I will not even try to act surprised. People always tend to mix these countries up, including Middle-Eastern countries which are geographically located in Western Asia. I guess people should start creating a new stereotype for Asians – one the splits into two categories: The Tall-Dark-Handsome and the Short-Chinky-Cutie. Actually, let’s just drop those stereotypes altogether.

As I was saying earlier, planning a trip to Asia usually doesn’t start with an itinerary to India. But what travellers don’t realize is that they’re missing out on something big by not including this wonderful and culturally-rich country in their bucket list of places to visit. India has much to offer, you see. They have a culture and vibe that you won’t just find anywhere else.

If I’m not doing a pretty good job convincing you, then I just dare you to watch a Bollywood movie in Netflix. Come back here soon after you change your mind – and I know it will.

India’s art, music, architecture, customs, and traditions are going to bedazzle you. They’re very proud of their heritage and they have this colorful and vibrant way of celebrating life. Oh, and did I mention that Indian cuisine is top notch as well? Be it fine dining or just a food stall on the side of the street, these people sure know how to fill a hungry belly. To top it off, the local shops and stores for dry goods (e.g. clothing, bags, souvenirs, etc.) offer amazing prices and deals as well (see video).

India is basically a haven for travellers on a budget. The prices of hotels and local inns are quite reasonable as well. This makes you focus more on enjoying your stay rather than limiting yourself because you’ve got to “stay on budget.”

How Can You Visit India? Get an Visa Online


Obviously, you will need to get a flight ticket to India. One of the biggest expenses of travelling goes to air fare but there are ways for you to lessen those costs. Booking early (approximately 6 months or earlier) can help you get amazing deals on flight tickets. Also, booking for a flight off-season or during the dry months will also help you cut down costs on air fare. But before you and your friends start hogging all those promo tickets, there is still one thing you have to secure first: Your E-Visa.

Your approved E visa India or Electronic Visa will serve as your entry ticket to the country of India. Without a visa, your chances of viewing the Taj Mahal up close are basically zero. You’ll never get past the Indian Embassy and the only thing you’d be bragging to your friends at home is how cozy the airport in India is.

In order to apply for an E-Visa for India, you’ll need to provide/accomplish the following:

  1. Passport that will not expire in the next 6 months following your arrival.
  2. Passport with at least two or three blank pages for immigration stamps.
  3. A return ticket or flight – to make sure you’re just a tourist and you don’t plan to hang around for very long.
  4. Proof of income (or at least proof that you can fund your stay during the visit)
  5. An E-Visa or Visa e-Tourist as the Indian government would term it.

If you have all these requirements down, you’re ready for your trip. All that’s left to do is pack up your bags, save your seat on the next flight, plan your stay, and off you go. Don’t forget to rock the most iconic places in the country, okay? Your one-of-a-kind India trip starts as soon as you get that E-Visa so good luck! Alavida!