Digital Nomad Culture in Lisbon

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Digital nomads are fast rising in number. After all, it is hard to beat the combination of working at your leisure at a scenic location. However, there are still few locations and cities that seem perfect for the digital nomads and Lisbon is one of them. The old European capital seems to be trending among the digital nomads these days and for some good reasons. The city boasts of ideal conditions for digital nomads, and it has fast become a popular digital nomad hub in Europe.

Why not take a guided tour Lisbon to know what makes Lisbon extremely hot right now among the digital nomads? Taking a guided tour will allow you to understand as to what is so great about it.

Plenty of places to work
Lisbon indeed is home to some of the coolest co-work spaces that are definitely enticing because of their location and offerings. For example, LX Factory & Village Underground is a delightful neighborhood that is filled with cafes, bars, and shops. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces with great views. Wan Li boasts of the best Wi-Fi in Lisbon while Dear Breakfast with its clean, white interiors is already a big hit among the digital nomads. Pois, with its high ceilings and a relaxed atmosphere, is a cozy place to work. Hamburgueria Portuguesa with stunning interiors is aesthetically pleasing, and its cheap but great hamburgers are always in d demand. Thus, you can work in a great place that offers awesome meals and breathtaking views. If you are looking for some great coffee places, well, a few good examples include Heim Cafe, Copenhagen Coffee, Comoba Lisboa and more.

Endless attractions in the city
You need some fun along with work, and when it comes to fun and entertainment, Lisbon will keep you spoilt for choices. There are some all-time favorites that you must indulge in while working here. It is a must to take the famous yellow tram, Tram 28 that takes you to the highlights of Lisbon on its full route. Visit Jeronimo Monastery for its beautiful architecture and the Tower of Belém and Pastéis de Belém which is like a beautiful fortress on the river. Time Out Market offers a vast array of Portuguese food, desserts, wine, and more. The massive Rua Augusta Arch with a statue that overlooks the rive cannot be missed. Another interesting market is the Alfama Flea Market where you can shop for Portuguese tiles, clothing, and souvenirs. Take a walking guided tour of Lisbon to get aware of the city and its attractions.

The electric nightlife and jazzy bars
What could be better than unwinding with your friends after a hard day’s work at local bars and enjoy the nightlife? Go to Pink Street and Barrio Alto that remain chock-full of bars and people and are teeming with nightlife. Pavilhão Chinês is a great favorite among digital nomads looking for an exclusive kind of vibe and a touch of class. Enjoy great food and drinks along with a great ambiance. Lisbon is the place if you simply like beer or are a fancy beer expert. The party scene is pretty remarkable here, and you will come across some of the busiest bars and clubs in Pink Street. The growing digital nomad community in the city loves to spend their time at these bars where they can gel with the locals and mingle with other digital nomads.


Thus, as you can see why the digital nomad scene has risen in the past few years in Lisbon. It is because of those great working spaces, affordable food, and excellent Broadband speeds!