What is an Ayahuasca Ceremony Like?

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My expectations of what an ayahuasca ceremony would be like ran pretty wild. If you read the interwebs, you would gather that everyone has this ‘life changing’ experience; when you talk to people who aren’t on the internet, you know – real life 3 dimensional people, you get a very different impression. Being the curious, chatty little otter that I …

Make money teaching in China

Can You Really Make Money Teaching English in China? Enter the Dragon

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Well that magical time has come yet again my favorite world traveling ponies to drop some knowledge of working overseas, making money while traveling, and  most importantly, meeting exotic natives in mystic lands. And yet again, as if right on cue, I must defer to someone who has a greater knowledge than myself on the subject – what a true …

Ayahuasca Tobacco Ceremony, Plant Medicines, and Meeting Juan Flores

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The morning after my first Ayahuasca ceremony I felt pretty amazing. Despite living in a den of mosquitos and sweltering jungle heat, I slept like a baby llama. A baby llama covered in mysterious insect bites. I didn’t have any big revelations nor did I purge like many people do during my first ayahuasca ceremony, but the sleep — 100. …