Oh, Mexico Informal Economy – I love you

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I have a million reasons why I love the shit out of Mexico, but the ability to buy sock puppets in the middle of the day during rush hour is just one of them. Muchas gracias informal economy.

American Spring Break with British Flair

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“You don’t even know dude…” “Bro, that was sooo fuckinn epic…” “What a douche bag…I mean like…like the guy is such a douche that he is a douche” There were dudes and then bros and then dudes again. But this shouldn’t really be surprising, after all, this is American Spring break in Cancun. I could write books about the spiral …

Morelia: the Ciudad de Los Ninos

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Most cities you go to which are dubbed “colonial”, or some other architecture name I can’t be bothered to Google, are generally composed of only a portion of “colonial” greatness, that being the old town or historic center, with the rest of the town usually being some type of industrial shithole. However, my precious Morelia is all colonial baby. No …