Festival in Netherlands

Le Toilette Attendant

Turner Destinations, Holland

“So these towels here are sanitary and you can use them….ah…for the toilet. Ja?” “Okay.” “And you can use these giant bags to refill the garbage cans when they are full, which they will be very full. Ja. I suggest using the duct tape to put them in as they will be heavy, very heavy. Ja?” “Great.” First there was …

Bikes, Tykes, and Dikes

Turner Destinations, Holland, Travel Job Tips

So I’ve got a secret to tell you. You know that Tom Cruise guy? You know the one in all the Mission Impossible movies that does all those death defying stunts and hops onto motorbikes going mach 3 without breaking a sweat? Well we are kind of into the same stuff. No, no, not closet homosexually and profiteering from faux …