Breaking Bad meets Breaking Balsamic

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After spending a mere day in Modena Italy making traditional balsamic vinegar, I not only fell in love with traditional balsamic and the entire process that goes into its perfection, but also in love with an Italian family and their story.  Their devotion to the purity of traditional balsamic and the stark contrast between traditional balsamic that comes from the …

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Making in Modena Italy: the Balsamic Cook

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Just so we are clear: I love balsamic vinegar.  In absolute terms.  No pre-nup necessary. Americans in general have sort of a silent love affair with this Italian concoction. We indiscriminately douse it on top of our olive oil and dip our little bread it at Italian restaurants and spatter it all over our salads until the leafy greens are …

Pizza making in Rome

The Italian Pizza Maker

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No, no, no – you have to roll it smooth. Nice and even across the marble. Not rough and hard like that. Smoooooth…[pushes roller gently across the dough] You mean like how you should touch a woman? Yes, yes – something like this. Okay. I have no idea what you are talking about. And this is how the training went. …