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My day began just like any Dutch employee’s average day working in Holland – pedaling my stolen recently purchased from a junkie bicycle from a legally licensed business ferociously in the freezing cold tundra Netherlands, trying as fast as humanly possible to get to the bicycle parking garage in order to score a free spot at the nearest train station. I arrived …

European Theme park

American vs European Theme Parks: A Day in Efteling

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I recently took a trip to Holland’s version of Disneyland, Efteling, and I must say, waiting in line was not nearly as tedious as it is in Disneyland, as you can both smoke (cigarettes only:( ) and drink beer or wine coolers (fabulous).  However, word to the wise, do not buy the beer and put them in your pockets between …

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An Open Sinterklaas Plea to the People of Holland

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Friends, (non)-country men, lend me your tweets. I have but one Sinterklaas wish this holiday season. And that wish is a holiday job. But not just any holiday job. I want a job as one of your Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes). But let me explain. I have written to everyone but mighty Saint Nicolaas himself – the .infos, the .nl’s, …