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Adventure Travel Jobs: Working in the Greek Islands

Turner Greece

Adventure Travel Jobs in the Greek Islands  Curious about adventure travel jobs for the summer? Can you speak understandable English*? Do you have exceptional interpersonal skills (ya know, like the kind you mentioned on your resume?) and like working with drunkards, derelicts, criminal offspring, Aussies? Can you binge drink like a sailor on furlough and party ‘til the break of …

Greece Adventure Travel Job: Working at the Pink Palace

Turner Greece

“Wow. That is a pretty sweet jacuzzi you guys have. It is massive.” “Yeah I try not to go in it too often. We call it the Sperm-cuzzi. I have been pretty good this year though and have only banged 5 girls in there so far.” This is the Pink Palace. A debaucherous – albeit a bit fading – sex-driven, …