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How get a Bartending Job Overseas

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Do you dream of an adventure travel job where you get paid to travel, party, and live in paradise? How about a travel job that you can do all over the world  and crawl into “the office”? If this sounds intriguing and a better way to spend your time than filing TPS reports, maybe you should get a bartending job …

Far Out Beach Bar Party

How to Find a Job Working in the Greek Islands

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So here goes – if you want to find a job working in the Greek Islands in the summer, as I have  mentioned in previous posts about finding any adventure travel job abroad, I am a big believer in checking out the scene first and hustling for a few days to understand what you are getting yourself into. That way …

Greece Adventure Travel Job: Working at the Pink Palace

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“Wow. That is a pretty sweet jacuzzi you guys have. It is massive.” “Yeah I try not to go in it too often. We call it the Sperm-cuzzi. I have been pretty good this year though and have only banged 5 girls in there so far.” This is the Pink Palace. A debaucherous – albeit a bit fading – sex-driven, …