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Want Live Abroad? Become an Au Pair in an Exotic Foreign Land – Alex knows what’s up.

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So you want to get paid to live abroad and experience a new culture at the same time huh? How about brush up on all those domestic skills that you probably ignored your dear sweet mother trying to teach you? Well – since I am a member of the sex that is notoriously bad for….wait – a minute. We are modern men, …

German Carpool

German Carpooling: Mitfahrgelegenheit

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“Ah…so do you have music?” [Blank stare] “Musica?” “Umm…meee kaa mee [face tick]…radio” “Okay then.” I felt dupted. Not Florida elections dupted but definitely disappointing photo dupted. This was the exchange that went down right after I discovered that the driver of the car on my 3 and a half hour drive to Dresden didn’t quite have the conversation …