salzburg christmas

More than Just the Sound of Music: Salzburg

Turner Austria

The hills are for sure alive more than just the sound of music in little old Salzburg. Ya that little quaint town in the hills of Austrian Alps. The one where Maria Von something ran around singing and there were kids and Nazis and music? I wouldn’t know, when I got to Salzburg I b-lined straight for the brewery and …

ugly angel

The Loneliest Christkind (Angel)

Turner Austria, Travel Job Tips

He is not the Truth. He is a man. Well – yes. He is an American Christkind (angel). Don’t you want to ask the American Christkind for a present? I don’t want anything. Nothing at all? Well…maybe some potatoes. Kids can be a fickle bunch. One minute you have rockstar Mickey Mouse status, with every child clawing to get an …

guy in krampus suit

I am the Krampus

Turner Austria, Travel Job Tips

Strip down to your underwear. Don’t worry about the cold. You will be plenty warm, and if not, you can always pee in your Krampus suit. Deep in European Alps lies a legend. Lore that has lasted centuries, persisting through Europe’s ever changing dynasty rule, from pre-Christian Germanic origins to the Holy Roman Empire to modern day. It is a …