Getting to Work at Tiger Temple: Welcome to Tiger Island

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Working at Tiger Temple – Day 1 Part II Outfitted in my new, grossly oversized Tiger Temple volunteer shirt, I entered the temple’s grounds. Unlike many who work at the temple, I had never been before, nor did I know of anyone who had volunteered there either. I hadn’t spent much time examining photos online or doing copious amounts of research …

Reality TV in Bangkok: The Production Assistant

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GoPros littered across the table amongst passports, cigarettes butts, adapter cables, batteries of all shapes and sizes, $10,000 cameras lying scattered in random parts of the room, and the most obvious, an air of anarchy filling the depths of the room. This was reality tv show making after all. The first day of the shoot and things never go as …

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Making Reality TV: The TukTuk Challenge Video Assistant

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My second week after moving to Bangkok had some surprising turn of events. I had managed to move up in the world, from hawking goods on the street of the notorious Khao San Road, to helping on set of a reality TV show set in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as a Production Assistant. Despite my uncanny ability to drop things, …