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My New Bangkok Neighborhood: I am Dances with Elephants

Turner Thailand

So you are probably looking at this strange heap and wondering what am I looking at? That would be my morning breakfast concoction. Now, using my mind reading prowess (it doesn’t work on women by the way), you are probably thinking, oh great another blogger taking photos of their food and throwing it up all over the online world thinking …

sihanoukville beach

Sihanoukville Cambodia: Hair Threading and Being a Man

Turner Thailand

I went to the beach in Sihanoukville Cambodia today. I am waiting to renew my visa so that I may return to my new home, Bangkok Thailand. As I sat on my beach chair staring out at the water watching my skin burn to a warm lobster hue, an old woman approached my friend, offering to use a technique called …

thai hair cut

Dances with Elephants gets his first Thai Haircut

Turner Thailand

To celebrate finally moving into my new neighborhood in Bangkok, I decided to get a haircut yesterday. I must live in the salon district in Bangkok as there were about 20 to choose from. Either that or Thais just really love getting their hair done. I picked the one with the happiest looking ladies who were already busy with other …