Make money teaching in China

Can You Really Make Money Teaching English in China? Enter the Dragon

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Well that magical time has come yet again my favorite world traveling ponies to drop some knowledge of working overseas, making money while traveling, and  most importantly, meeting exotic natives in mystic lands. And yet again, as if right on cue, I must defer to someone who has a greater knowledge than myself on the subject – what a true …

living in korea

Can You Really Make Money Teaching in Korea?

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So you can’t really have a website about working overseas without addressing that big beautiful elephant in the room of making money teaching English overseas. Can’t do it. But since I have not undertaken noble task of spreading Western imperialism through language myself, I thought it might be interesting for those of you out there who would like to get …

Do You Need A Visa To Visit India?

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When you think of travelling to Asia for a trip, you probably think of giving countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Singapore a visit. Oh, there’s also Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and HongKong. After all, there’s stereotype that Asians need to be relatively short and have sharp, thin eyes. Unsurprisingly, anyone who doesn’t look the part is associated with other continents. …