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Cancun is a city located in the southeast of Mexico, which will make you inhale an atmosphere of tranquility and excitement as you travel every mile of its beautiful beaches and the hotel zone that makes this place an emblem for anyone who visits the city. The nearby locations are the sites must-see and visit of Cancun. In this guide, you will understand everything about this small but impressive city from the plazas, beaches, restaurants, water parks, theme parks, and more. So, stay reading and enjoy the wonders you can discover in Cancun with this guide prepared for the traveler who seeks to know more about this paradisiacal destination.

Before you travel to Cancun you have to know this:

Cancun is a young city, it has at least 50 years of growth, but in such a short time you can learn many things about the Mayan culture. One of the places you should visit is the Mayan Museum of Cancun, where you can learn a little bit of everything about the Mayan Culture and where you can buy souvenirs and other items to take home a little about the most important culture of southern Mexico.

Cancun is a city divided into two zones, Hotel and Downtown.

The first of these called the hotel zone because, as its name says in this site is where you can find most of the hotel complexes of the city, resorts like Fiesta Americana, Hyatt Ziva, Le Blanc, and others. You can also find luxury shopping centers and attractions that will leave you wanting to know the city entirely.

In the second part of the city, you can find the highest concentration of rustic hotels, lodging houses, restaurants with delicious local food; as well as shopping malls that will satisfy your need for a day of shopping in your favorite stores.

Cancun, unlike many magical cities and towns in Mexico, is a city with multiculturalism at its best, as within this city, you will find activities and communities of all kinds. So no matter where you come from, Cancun can always be your second home for vacation.

Cancun’s airport is huge. There are four terminals and dozens of gates where arriving at the city is easy by air.

Where to Eat

Cancun is a city with a very high gastronomic level. They say that from taste is born the love for a new place, you always come back to where the food is delicious, and Cancun is no exception. In every one of its restaurants as well as international and worldwide chains and local restaurants, no matter what food you try, you will love it, and these are the best places you can visit during your trip.

Crab House

This is the ideal restaurant to enjoy the seafood dishes they offer, the menu is very varied, and the prices are intermediate, so before visiting Crab House Cancun, you should take your precautions.

El Pocito Loncheria

This local restaurant is very hidden from tourists. However, any Cancun resident can confirm that this is one of the best places to try the regional and typical Yucatan food that you probably don’t know. The prices in this restaurant are very economical, visiting it will give you complete satisfaction.

I recommend the cucumber water with lime or chaya with lime, a real natural exquisite combination that you will love (and it also works as an excellent natural digestive, ideal for everything you eat during your trip).


This restaurant located on Avenida Tulum, you will love it, all their dishes based on fish and seafood. You can try shrimp empanadas, fish tacos, cocktails, giant breaded shrimp, and delicious local beers. We recommend you schedule your visit to this place in terms of hours; Since it is very cheap and well located between the Cancun hotel zone and downtown near Plaza las Americas, it is very crowded. You will probably have to wait a long time to get a table free.

A Cancun shuttle service from the airport to here or from your hotel in the downtown or hotel zone to this restaurant

Pirate Show Jolly

Will a pirate show offer me delicious food? Sure! During the surprise show of a pirate attack and an impressive performance by each of the staff members that make up a high performance almost at the level of Caribbean pirates (Joke), you will love to try some of the dishes on their delicious menu of land and sea.

What to visit?

Cancun is a city that has absolutely everything to have an unforgettable experience, and below we will tell you which are the places you can not miss in this place. After arriving at the Cancun Airport the rest will be a real adventure.


Cancun’s underwater art museum is, without a doubt, a must for your trip that you won’t want to miss since it is one of the most important and symbolic locations in the city. Where you can have an impressive underwater experience, where the sea and life-size sculptures will take your breath away (literally).

Getting to this place is easy, but first, you have to know that there are two different locations of this museum, one at the end of Punta Nizuc and the other crossing from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, where you will be able to know a little bit of this small island and explore at the same time some of the most impressive of the museum (I recommend you to visit this second one because the waters are calmer and there are more variety of sculptures at the bottom).

If you plan to travel from Cancun to Isla Mujeres by ferry, you will have to visit the Cancun pier in the Hotel Zone or the intercontinental zone of Isla Mujeres, get a Cancun transportation to get here quickly.

Mayan Museum of Cancun

Are you a history buff?

This museum is ideal for you. This way, you can find the best of Mayan history is a summary of a visit to this incredible site full of sculptures. The archaeological zone of San Miguelito and a wide variety of Mayan paintings and glyphs that will give you a lot of insight into what it was like to live in its glory days.

Cancun Beach

The best beaches you can visit in Cancun are undoubtedly the following:

Forum Beach

Playa Delfines

Langosta Beach

Gaviotas Beach

Marlin Beach

In all of them, you will find different activities that will attract your attention, and you will be able to move quickly from your hotel to these or from the airport to the surroundings using a Cancun Airport Transfers of your preference.

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