Choosing the Right Bus for your Tour Group

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Touring the local and far off areas can be a unique affair when you are travelling with your family or friends. Be it for a bachelor party, a family reunion, a wine-tasting trip or even a field trip with your students, everyone is sure to make memories that last them a lifetime.

Decide a location, plan six months in advance, invite everyone, rent a tour bus and off you go. Although, admittedly, it is easier said than done. So, if it is your first time planning such a trip, here is a list of guidelines that can help you plan the trip:

  1. Choose the destination months in advance.

Then it will easier to book the hotels or motels as they would be cheaper. Also, consult other people about where you want to go so you can avoid places that not many want to go to. It’s a group trip, not a solo one and you need to keep that in mind at all times. In case of a field trip, call the venue, like the museum, art gallery or park, beforehand to check whether they will be open during the time you will be visiting.

  1. Only pack the stuff you need for that particular journey.

Ask your friends to do the same. While you need to keep ample amounts of snacks and water bottles handy, anything that you don’t quite need is just added baggage. But do make sure that you are stocked up on first aid kits and specific supplies that the members might need.

  1. Plan the trip for not more than five or six days.

In case it is a family reunion trip, it can be extended up to a week and half. Field trips or other tours should be limited to five days. Keep taking mini breaks for yourself as well and make sure there the itinerary is flexible in case anyone wants to spend time by themselves or their close friends. An inflexible itinerary might get on everyone’s nerves by the end of the trip.

  1. Choose a proper bus

Depending on where you will be going and which type of tour you will be on, it is essential to choose a bus or a coach that caters to your specific needs. The following are the types of tour buses you can rent for a trip:

Charter Bus– These buses are also known as coach buses. These buses are large, consist of proper cushioned seats that can be reclined in case the journey is more than four hours long and can accommodate around sixty people at once. There are other helpful amenities like a restroom, WiFi, plug points for mobile chargers and air conditioning. They have a spacious luggage bay beneath the bus floor. Some coach buses also have accessibility ramps for the disabled. The renting price of these charter buses depend on the miles covered or the number of days you will be renting them out for. You can contact the driver for other specific needs. Coach buses are ideal for a big family reunion trip, field trips for a class or for transporting church groups or sports teams to important events.

Minibuses– As the name suggests, they are smaller buses that can seat around thirty people at once. These buses are ideal for day trips to local places, a downtown wedding, concerts etcetera. These buses have air conditioning, WiFi and, often, power outlets. They are lacking in a restroom and a luggage bay. Although there is a broad upturned ledge above the seats to hold your smaller luggage which is kind of ideal as minibuses are for short journeys only.

Party Buses– New Year’s Eve and you want to go party-hopping to different clubs around town? Party buses are the way to go. They are a better alternative to limousine cars as they are more spacious and can seat around twenty people at once. The interiors are amazing, well-lit with flashy lights and decorations and consist of surround sound systems so you can blare your favourite music the entire time. They consist of air conditioning and power outlets as well. Party buses charge depending on distance and are mostly limited to local areas. Party buses are also ideal in case you are planning a bachelor party, homecoming party, or even a brewery tour with your cousins.