Caribbean Glamour on Barbados’ Platinum Coast

If there’s one Caribbean Island that’s synonymous with glitz, glamour and incredible beaches, it has to be Barbados. If you’re looking to experience the more exclusive side of this island then head to those lavish West Coast resorts.

Barbados may only by 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, but if relaxing on stunning beaches and spotting the celebs is your thing, then there’s only one coast of this island you need to visit during a Caribbean getaway.

The Platinum Coast

Your first glimpse of the island’s coastline should satisfy your curiosity as to where the name the ‘Platinum Coast’ came from. The West Coast is famous for its series of powder soft beaches, although there are also many golden bays as well. But the color of the sand isn’t the only reason for the name, and this stretch of coastline is the place where you’ll find those opulent and extremely expensive mansions, as well as scores of luxury hotels. This is the playground of the rich and famous, and many celebrities have homes on this side of the island, hidden between the exclusive restaurants and bars.

West Coast luxury

There’s no denying the attraction of the West Coast, especially with the number of glorious beaches at locations such as Sandy Lane, Paynes Bay, and Fitts Village. Many of the hotels have their own stretches of private beach and some, such as the Sandy Lane Hotel, even boast three golf courses. The exclusive accommodation on this side of the island is so popular that visitors need to books months in advance, but if you visit during the low season, from May through November, you should be able to pick up discounted rates. The good news is that the island offers year round high temperatures, and is outside of the hurricane belt, so you won’t miss out on the sunshine whenever you choose to visit.

Open to all

Of course you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to visit the Caribbean, and this island does offer many affordable locations. The hotels at St. Lawrence are hugely popular with vacationers who come to enjoy the non-stop party-atmosphere in the reggae dancehalls, beach-side rum shacks, and lively Bajan restaurants. If you’re looking for a more relaxing time, or romantic getaway where you can mix with friendly locals while watching the sun set from the terrace of a local beach restaurant; then Hastings will be your town of choice. Rockley is another quiet area, and is regarded as one of the most tranquil spots on the island’s south coast, but also offers easy access to the capital city of Bridgetown and livelier St. Lawrence.

This island offers a lot more than just the West Coast luxury hotels and pristine golf courses, and it’s small enough to easily explore the historic buildings and natural attractions. But if you really want to spend some time with nothing more to do than relax on the sand, dine in exclusive restaurants, and perhaps spot some stars, then the Platinum Coast is a must.

Image by Ben124. used under the Creative Commons license

Image by Ben J Pearson used under the Creative Commons license

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