Career Opportunities For Motorcycle Enthusiasts While On The Road

Motorcycle enthusiast, Patrick Harris, traveled around the globe on his motorcycle, an experience that many riders dream of. Unless you’re independently wealthy, however, traveling on your bike and funding the journey can be a bit of a challenge, even if you keep things American road-trip style. Finding work in any field while traveling can be intimidating, but you’ll be elated to know it’s not only possible, but it can incorporate your love for motorbikes as well.

Competitive Racing And Stunt Driving

While it’s true that you can’t make an income on your bike by being an Uber driver, that doesn’t mean that your riding skills can’t earn you some cash. There are a few different ways to get started with motorcycle racing, after which you can work your way into competitive racing for pay. Races take place all over the world, so with some planning, you can both tour new places and compete. Additionally, you can also find a demand for motorsport vehicle stunt drivers. If you’re an experienced operator of motorcycles, dirt bikes, and/or three wheeled cycle variations, you can find paid gigs for live performances and video production.

Test Driving

In addition to competitive racing and stunt driving, you can also pay your way through test driving: good news for people who are less experienced or just not interested in competition. Motorcycle companies often lend different models of their bikes out to drivers to test. Afterwards, the driver writes and/or contributes to articles and reviews on the bike to be featured on websites, papers, magazines and advertisements. This is a perfect way to earn some money while on the road, especially if you’re excited to try out new bikes and features.

Travel Photographer And Writer

In the event that you just want to cruise, another option for making money while on the road is through travel photography and writing. There’s always a demand for interesting pictures and written content on just about any topic. If you’re especially ambitious, you could even start your own travel blog, and after some effort and growth, it too will have the potential to earn income through sponsorships and on-site advertising. Seeing the sights and documenting your experiences is quite a reward on its own; earning a living through it can be a dream come true.

As you can see, it is very much possible to travel and contribute to your finances through your passion for motorcycles. It’s a special niche, but with great enthusiasm comes great opportunity.

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