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World Travel Market: Make Money Travel Blogging

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It’s more than just how to make money travel blogging.

I came. I saw. I drank – everything. Everything at every country. I didn’t want to be rude. Life is more than just trying to make money travel blogging. I had to savior the moment, and with every country in the world in attendance practically (hell Kazakhstan was there), I couldn’t help myself. Every country at the World Travel Market had its own booth where alongside their public relations, they doled out their country’s delicacies and drink. I devoured the olive tapenades, the crostinis, the fine aged cheeses – between glasses of Maltese wine, Hungarian palinka, my early afternoon Brazilian caipirinhas, or my morning fresh made cappuccino by my favorite Italians (yes, they still yelled and ranted like we were in a café in Rome – che cazzo dici!?).   The food du jour was delicious, plentiful, and most important of all – free. I may still be on the fence about the ease at which one can make money travel blogging – believe me, I am –  but one thing that I am not skeptical of anymore, and that is the river of flowing free goods – free blog trips, free food, free booze, free entertainment, free dirty stares from a distant land’s PR reps unfamiliar with what “Bloggaas?” are – that seem to grace the tables of starving travel bloggers. Hell, put together these goods with some budgeting software, and staying on the travel road long-term seems even more obtainable

WTM Entertainment

Every had your head palmed by Bumble Bee? Yeah me neither


hot latin women

Ever conned 4 attractive women to take a shameless photo with you? Yeah – me too.


vegas show girls

No explanation needed


funny conference photos

Latinas trying to kill me…nothing new


Who has a fucking falcon? Oh yeah, travel related events.


Korean Robots who can do Gangnam style


Video Here.


The Food & Drink


overly excited creep eats crostini


Belgian beers on tap…yeah.


Double fisting with Victoria of Pommie Travels


Feeling the love at Cuba with some mojitos


There is no such thing as too many mojitos for the Pommie


Lunch break – chowing down with my Kenyan warrior brothers


And some fresh Ecuadorian ice cream to finish it off


End of the day Brazilian party – El gringito returns


So in the end – can we definitively answer the question of can you make money travel blogging? Can you live out your childhood fantasies by setting sail around the world on someone else’s dime?

I don’t know – but who needs to travel the world when the world can come to you at World Travel Market?