Employee Bonding on the Christmas Tree Lot

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DAY 4 in my Christmas Tree Sales Job I find myself popping ibuprofen like tic-tacs. My body is so stiff in the mornings that I feel like I am approaching my 70th birthday. I guess all these years of avoiding manual labor are finally coming home to roost. But looking at the glass half full, hopefully my body after these …

Every Office has a Water Cooler

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DAY 3 as a Christmas Tree Salesman So I am learning that even in the Christmas tree slanging game, there is still no way to avoid office politics. I am only going into my third day and already co-workers are conniving and gossiping about each other. Christmas tree salesman, despite being men of poverty character, are not immune from our …

funny christmas outfit

Proper Christmas Tree Lot Attire

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DAY 2 Working a Christmas Tree Sales Job So I woke up today with my body feeling like it was in traction. It’s 6:25 am and I can barely move my arms. Luckily, Christmas has come early and I don’t start until 10:00 am, however, unlike my first day, Seattle weather has decided to peak its head and now there …