Best Places to Gamble Around the World

When traveling the world, most people like to explore
various activities and spots while in foreign destinations. Holiday makers
more often than not choose casinos and nightclubs to explore the nightlife of
these destinations. Though not every country in the world allows gambling, many
of them do and host some of the most spectacular casinos in the world. Below
is a list that puts together some of the best countries to visit to gamble where
gaming experiences of a lifetime can be made. Caution should however be taken
as it is not easy to beat the house if you plan on spending a few dollars on
gaming, but one sure thing is that you will have a great time.

Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.


This oasis curved out of the desert was specifically built
with tourism, gaming and adult entertainment in mind. Once it was built, it
took the shine off Reno, a gaming haven of its own kind. The city boasts of The
Las Vegas Strip, the second most popular attraction in the United States after
the Times Square. The destination is dotted with more than 75 casinos some
among them being the largest in the country. These include the MGM Grand,
Bellagio and Venetian. The city has earned the moniker Sin city’ as it is
known to be a haven for adult entertainment. The Vegas Strip which is the main
boulevard in the city is lined with several casinos, night clubs, hotels and
restaurants that are donned with shining neon lights.

Macau, China

This is an autonomous administrative region in China that
has its own government, currency and sets of policy that govern it. With this
autonomy, the lifestyle and culture differ greatly with the mainland. After
gaining independence from Portugal in 1999, it is bound to remain autonomous
until 2049. The region boasts the largest flow of gaming money in the world
ahead of the former king Las Vegas. With this cash flow, the established brands
in gambling like the MGM Grand, Venetian and City of Dreams Resort set up camp
there. The night life in Macau is more or less like that of the U.S or Europe
despite being a part of the more conservative China.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

The second smallest country in Europe and the world has a
different title to it, it is the most successful gaming destination in Europe.
With a population and visitor profile that is well endowed with cash and ready
to spend some of it on the tables, Monte Carlo is for sure one of the best
countries to visit to gamble. The famous Monte Carlo Casino is set to give
breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

London, United Kingdom

The financial capital of Europe offers more than the iconic
buildings and ambient environment to its visitors. The gambling environment in
London is structured in such a way that every class of visitor can fit in as
long they are interested in trying their luck. From blackjack tables to high
end casinos, everyone is covered. Some of the famous casinos worthy of a visit
while in London include Aspers Casino and The Ritz Club.

New Zealand

Gaming in New Zealand is regulated by government through the
Department of Internal Affairs. Though the industry is as exciting as the
others, it is more traditional in nature as a portion of the profits from
gaming are expected to be returned to the community. A large portion of the
industry is also controlled by state agencies. Even with such strict over watch
from government, there is still action to be found among the six casinos in the
country that include the Sky City chain with four of them, Dunedin Casino and
Christchurch Casino. However, there are also online casinos in New Zealand if you wish to stay home. Revelers can enjoy their time in the establishments accompanied by the warm culture and hospitality of the people of New Zealand.


The country is relatively a newcomer to the scene with the
government developing regulations that allowed gaming in 2005. However, the
technological advancement of the city and the close proximity to wealthy
neighbors like China has made it one of the best countries to visit to gamble.
Investments have been made with the opening of large casinos like the Marina
Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa.

Aruba, Caribbean

This small island country offers the perfect holiday mixture
for game lovers. White sandy beaches, a tropical environment with casinos here
and there. There are casinos that operate 24 hours to give the patrons enough
time to try their luck at the tables. Crystal Casino, Glitz Casino and
Casablanca Casino are just some of those that can be sampled for what they


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