Best Places to Fish in the USA

Recreational fishing is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and it’s no wonder. About forty million Americans engage in fishing at least once per year, and approximately twelve percent are younger than 17. The only obstacle in the way of a European who goes fishing in the United States is the fact that every region has its own angling legislation.

So, if what you’re thinking of is organizing a trip and checking out the best fishing places in the U.S., you might have to think twice. In certain areas, you aren’t allowed to catch specific species as they are protected by the law. Depending on the state, you are restricted to a maximum number of adult fish, which means that for some species, you aren’t allowed to catch more than three, for instance.

If you are still up for an adventure even after finding out that the entire country does not abide by the same fishing rules and regulations, here are some of the most amazing spots you ought to check out while you’re visiting the States.

1. Kobuk River, Alaska

If you have nothing against the cold and you’d fancy a trip to Alaska, you simply must go check out the Kobuk River. One of the neatest things about it is that, unlike other fishing destinations, it hosts an immense variety of species. You can catch anything from Northern Pike to Sheefish and Lake Trout in the area, so there’s everything for everyone.

Regular winter fishing might be difficult, to say the least, so we recommend taking advantage of the location in summer. You can use regular plastic lures for targeting salmon, but you’ll need crustaceans and small fish to catch some lake trout.

2. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

If you plan to take your entire family with you and mix a bit of fun with a bit of angling, this fishing location is definitely for you. In actuality, the whole of Gulf of Mexico is a fantastic destination for all fishers, but Gulf Shores is the perfect combination for both folks who want to fish and those who want to do a bit of hiking.

As for the species that you can target in the area, the chances of you catching anything from Mackerel and Grouper to Marlin and Snapper are really high.

3. Florida Keys, Florida

If you were to go online and search for some of the coolest fishing destinations in America, this one would surely be one of the favorites of both American anglers and those who travel to the state of Florida. Why would that be? One of the chief reasons is that it’s among the few locations where you can fish all year long. You can find a plethora of species in the Florida Keys, and some of the sought after range from bonefish and tarpon to swordfish and white marlin.

4. Montauk, New York

If you love bass, false albacore, fluke, weakfish, and big bluefish, you have to take a trip to Montauk. The only issue with this location is that you can’t fish year round. However, when it’s time to do it, the game is on. You don’t need any expensive or heavy tackle, either, as you can target most of your catches with light tackle only, including that designed for fishing.

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