7 Places Where You Can Do Your Writing If You Are Abroad

If you are new to writing, you probably have never heard of something called the writer’s block. This is what can simply be described as the worst nightmare any writer experiences. It is a period when one’s creative juice is spent to the point where it needs refilling. As a student, you probably often experience this condition when you need to write an essay; and you never really understand what it means or where it comes from. However, you do not need to worry or think you are not a gifted writer. The truth is a writer’s block happens to everyone and at times, it could be caused by you not being or having the right environment to do your writing.

Finding the right spot is indeed essential and crucial. Many writers will admit that at one time or another, they found themselves stuck on the same page for hours or even days. You try to come up with a line or two and every time you find yourself in the same page and having written nothing or a few lines after days of getting your laptop out and trying to work. As a student, the easiest route is using the essay writing services because you are working against time and lateness is always punished. However, have you ever thought that maybe you have no problem and that you could simply be trying to get your creativity up in the wrong environment?

A look at the famous writers, past and present, will confirm that finding the right place to write matters. Hemingway, for example, deemed the Paris cafes as his favorite spots. Everyone needs a spot and you should as well be motivated to find one where your creative juice is riled up. This article will highlight several places which we believe you can frequent to do your writing if you are abroad.

Elephant House, Edinburgh

There is no better place to do your writing than in a place where the Harry Potter series was born. J. K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series at the Elephant House in Edinburg. He was quoted saying, “it is no secret that the best place to write is in a cafe.” If the Elephant House got the creative juice of J. K. Rowling riled up, there is indeed no better place to do your writing and to challenge yourself. If the place itself is not motivation enough, the simple fact that you are in the exact place where the Harry Potter series was born should get you going.

Eden Bar, Orlando

If you are an emerging writer and you are in need of scenes of tranquility where you can motivate and challenge yourself at the same time, you need to visit the Eden Bar in Orlando. First of all, this joint is outdoor meaning it gifts you a perfect environment to write. You also have ample and sufficient air to breath; here it never feels like you are trapped or enclosed somewhere. It is also not a common spot and is well hidden. Vanessa Blakeslee appropriately called it, “an oasis of creativity that keeps bearing fruit.” Looking at what she has done while over there, one is inclined to visit the joint.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan

While a majority of the writers prefer a place where they can get a drink (beer, whiskey, coffee, or tea), others simply prefer a place where they can be wowed by the environment. If you are this kind of writer, you need to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan at least according to Melissa Grey. She is not only a renowned author but she also believes her creative juices always get pumped or riled whenever she visits the sculpture gallery at the Metropolitan Museum.

Vesuvio Cafe, San Francisco

This spot was favorited by several writers including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. You can, therefore, motivate yourself with the fact that you will be in the same spot as other famous writers. Additionally, the cafe neighbors the City Lights Bookstore. The surrounding is indeed fit for writing and you can always take your time to go read some more on the works of some of the renowned authors who wrote some of their best works there.

Intelligentsia, Venice Beach

In your writing career, you have encountered different writers. Everyone thrives in a different environment. For some authors, writing should be done in a quiet environment with the least possible distractions. However, others thrive in observing people and being in busy and at times noisy environments. If you are the kind that needs noise to focus, then you should visit the Intelligentsia in Venice Beach. Various Hollywood screenwriters frequent this joint with Scott Neustadter’s The Fault in Our Stars being one of the many examples of the works written in Intelligentsia.

Mercer Hotel, New York City

People watching, apparently, is popular with writers. As already stated, different writers prefer different environments. Some like it quiet and in lonely environments while others prefer bust environments which are full of people. If you are the latter kind, Carole Radziwill asks that you make your way to the Mercer Hotel in New York City. Here, she says you will be able to see interesting characters and gather ideas from people’s conversations.

Kos Kaffe, Brooklyn

As earlier stated, a majority of writers prefer the scintillating smell of coffee and hence the reason why many frequent cafes. This joint is not any different. However, aside from the coffee, it also offers one “plenty of sunshine and just enough background chatter” to help get one in the zone at least according to one of its customers, Lindsey Palmer. Palmer believes Kos Kaffe helps her to focus on her work.

Amtrak, Anywhere U.S.A.

Amtrak is reserved for those who do not prefer any of the listed places. If you are the kind that does not work best in busy environments or you simply loathe the smell of coffee, you can consider the option of mobile offices. Mobile offices can indeed come in handy and could help you escape from the limelight once in a while as you try to motivate yourself to write.


In conclusion, every writer has their preferred writing spots. You can choose to stay at home, visit a cafe, or even go camping just to feel like you have attained or found your spot. Remember at times your writing block could be triggered by the environment you are in. Therefore, if you are ever in the listed cities, make your way to these areas and see if you can get your creativity juices pumped.

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