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Applying for the Best Jobs in the World


So I recently applied for the Best Jobs in the World.

‘Oh, what are the Best Jobs in the World?’  You would probably ask back, if we weren’t exclusively having this relationship of ours over the internet. You tease.

But that is the actual name of the job. They are called the Best Jobs in the World, and they are jobs created by the Australian tourism authorities. Last year, you may have seen all over the news a guy who got paid $100,000 to be the caretaker of one of Australia’s islands.  Well this year the competition came back but instead of one Best Job in the World that pays $100, 000 for six months, there are six Best Jobs in the World pay $100k large.

The Best Jobs in the World

Chief Funster

Chief Funster (New South Whales, Australia aka Sydney)

-Review festivals and events

-Tweet, #tag, and post your thoughts

-Be a Sydney VIP


Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne, Australia)

-Experience hidden secrets and share new trends

-Create city and country photo shoots

-Encounter local identities, designers, and artists


Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory, Australia aka Crocodile Dundee)

-Journey through the Outback

-Meet locals

-Discover exciting new adventures


Park Ranger (Queensland, Australia aka Great Barrier Reef)

-Check water temps.

-Patrol the beaches

-Leave only footprints


Taste Master (Western, Australia)

-Eat your way around the state

-Forage out the finest produce

-Uncover the best bars and restaurants


Wildlife Caretaker (South, Australia)

-Wake up the Kangaroos

-Swim with Dolphins and sea lions

-Explore Kangaroo Island


So the application expires today for 2013. Now you are probably thinking, WTF mate. Why didn’t you tell me? Well I posted it on my Facebook Wall, so  if you liked my page or signed up for my mailing list, you would have been in the loop. There were only 428,000 applicants, so the odds were pretty good this time around.

Outback Ranger

Anyway, since I only found out two days in advance, and my video skills sucks, I thought I would share three of my application videos and we can go through the Good, the Bad, and the Fucking Ugly, so next year if you apply, you can do better than the shite I produced, or you can sit back and laugh at my abysmal attempt.


The Best Jobs Videos

The videos are suppose to be 30 seconds long and explain why you want the job.  I would imagine that a winning candidate would probably cut a video that has multiple scenes to make up the 30 seconds, making it exciting to watch, something that displays their personality with some self-depreciation (making them come off as likable), highlight the attributes of the job explanation (although they are pretty vague), and not break any of the rules. Basically – make it stand out as much as possible but stay within the mandate of the rules. Ie, don’t kill anyone but give it life.


Follow the Most Important Rule

Since I was in a rush, lack video skills, and am an off the wall ADD bonkers tard, I didn’t read the even the basic information (see: moron). I only glanced at the jobs, and didn’t take into account that they were regional, so in some of the videos I mention others places in Australia, yet the job would be in completely different region. Fail.  I think it is especially important when you apply for things that have a lot of competition, ie contests, scholarships – you have to make sure to pay attention to the rules. Stay in the mandate. You would be blown away how many people go outside the mandate and disqualify themselves before they even begin. I won a 2000 euro scholarship in for grad school in Europe back in the day  and the lady who was accepting the applications told me that over half of the applicants were rejected due to missing one of the 30 documents required (30? Yah, its Europe). Don’t be the guy who fumbles before he begins.

So without further ado, here are my laughable videos.

The Australian Park Ranger (Hippo Scene)


The Wildlife Caretaker (Sad Zoo Elephants)

The Lifestyle Photographer (Idiot Captions, fumble)

The Outback Adventurer (Idiot Captions)



The Good


30 Seconds:  I kept the videos within the allotted time of 30 seconds. This is key as I am sure people went over (again, out of the mandate).

Interesting Places/Action:  A lazy person would have just do the video in their room. Well unless you are some internet star who can sing a song and be hilarious, I think using your environment as an ally is a good idea.

Website Leverage: I am not sure if this is good or bad. I wanted to stress that “Hey look, I have a website where I go around the world doing different jobs, this would work and be mutually beneficial”. But maybe they don’t want that. Maybe they want a person who has never had any experiences before so they will be “more blown away by Australia and the experience”.

Writing Recovery: Once I realized that I had screwed up, I went in and added some written captions to make fun of myself.


The Bad


Only One Scene: Like I mentioned before, I would guess that winning videos, or at least ones that do well, would have multiple cut scenes that are interesting

No Details: I could have done much better at giving explanations that link things in Australia – ie certain places, traits of the job.

Personality: I think coming off as a really likeable person on camera comes naturally to some people, for others, it can be learned but it takes, practice, practice, practice. And I need that practice.


The Fucking Ugly


Not focusing on the Exact Region: This is a colossal fuck up in my view. I semi recovered by adding in some self abuse, idiotic captions making light of the fact. But the fact remains, people who win probably hit the job traits really hard.

Exact Job Titles: Ha, in most of the videos I even fumbled the job titles.

Knowing the Exact instructions: I should have crawled through the detailed RULES that is in small print, as these give you a good idea of your mandate boundaries.


So in the end, I would love to go to Australia to do one of the Best Jobs in the World, but it may have to wait another year, unless they throw me the sympathy, douchebaggery vote.

Maybe next time I will go for broke and let the hippo gnaw off my arm.