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The Best Christmas Markets in Germany part II

And just like that – the saga continues for my search for the best Christmas markets in Germany. And while my liver maybe feeling more hate than love this holiday season, my resolve to find the perfect Gluhwein in the whole of Germany remains undeterred. And since I now have experience working at a Christmas market at a Gluhwein stand as Gluwein Sommelier now, spreading holiday cheer around via my drinking expertise and holiday pallet, I now am even pickier when it comes to finding that perfect market. So as the story goes…


Best Christmas Markets in Germany: Frankfurt

Frankfurt Germany, the bedrock of the Germany economy and legendary name (as it is one the few German words Americans can pronounce with ease). It boasts the largest Christmas tree of any of the Christmas markets in Germany – and we like it in big in America.


Frankfurt Germany Christmas market

Center square looking quaint


Christmas market tree

The biggest Christmas Market tree in Germany

Christmas market food

the donut tower (yes yes it has a Germany name, but that makes it more special for you too look up to make me look stupid).


christmas cookies

I think the Germans like cookies, but I can’t be sure

German food

Fattening goodness


frankfurt market

the center…I know so because of the statue


merrigoround in Germany

Frankfurt’s merry go round

Best Christmas Markets in Germany: Hamburg

The city of with the most bridges in the world (yes, even more than Amsterdam), has one of the Best Christmas markets in Germany. It even has a Santa Claus which sails overhead 3 times a day (no, that wasn’t a Gluhwein induced hallucination).

Hamburg Christmas market

Fog sets in on the city with the most bridges in the world (true story)


Christmas market in Hamburg

Christmas Market in Hamburg with the rathaus (city hall, I know great translation)

Santa Claus Flying in Hamburg

Hold on to your Gluhwein kids, Santa Claus flies over Hamburg at the market at 4, 6, and 8 pm.

christmas market booths

The prepare market prepping in Hamburg

german snow globes

German snow globes, doesnt get much better does it?


Best Christmas Markets in Germany: Heidelberg

Heidelberg, my heart of hearts. Call me a bit bias because I worked at the Christmas market there stealing drinking sampling on occasion pouring Gluhwein but this market is just the right size. Big enough to have all the musts – an ice rink, merry go round, and Gluhwein vendor in stumbling distance – yet small enough so you aren’t overwhelmed by the tourist hordes (see: plus sized Americans speaking very loudly). Definitely a one of the best Christmas markets in Germany.


gateway to Heidelberg’s Christmas Market


Ice Skating in Heidelberg under the Castle


pyramid in germany

Heidelberg’s pyramid


best Gluhwein in Heidelberg Germany

Best Gluhwein Stand in Heidelberg

gluhwein stand in germany

The Gluhwein Sommeliers


best gluhwein in Heidelberg Germany

Best Gluhwein in Germany


german food

Fresh potato chips on a stick, what’s not to like


german holiday stand

German decorative stand

funny santa

and of course Heidelberg has a Merry go Round, Santa included free of charge

Best Christmas Markets in Germany: Stuttgart

Stuttgart throws its hat in the ring as one of the Best Christmas Markets in Germany with its special roofs. Wait…what? Special roof? Yes, all of the stalls have the most decorative roofs of all the Christmas markets in Germany. From navity scenes to talking a moose, the stalls are worth the trip alone.


Welcome to Stuttgart

stuttgart at christmas

stuttgart center

the nutcracker

mini train

Mini train for all in Stuttgart

stuttgart at christmas

More interesting roofs

christmas roof

the Famous Christmas roofs

Santas on the Roof


Showtime on the Roof

crazy german christmas

Wild animals on the roof…hunting anyone?

What Jesus envisioned, a roof top showcase


Fried whole fish, looks tasty….

Told you they had a moose

And it talks…


Best Christmas Markets in Germany: Munich

Munich has one of the oldest markets with one of the biggest trees and ice rinks, but it was also the most expensive Gluhwein (which for someone like me who is buying volume, it can be tricky). It was the  only market I went to that almost every Gluhwein stand had their own mugs – guess it follows in the beer tradition there with there being lots of options and every vendor needs to be a unique and special snowflake with their own branded mug.

Welcome to Munich…now drink some beer


And the Market center, also exciting

Massive ice rink


Most decorated stores


decorated malls, exciting I know


decorated pole, even more exciting


Most Bavarian of all the workers in the Gluhwein stand.


So there you have it…most of the Best Christmas Markets in Germany. Now I am addicted to Gluhwein and have the sugar tolerance of a 7 year old. Stay tuned for my guide coming out: How to Cope when the Gluhwein doesn’t love you anymore.

If you want to make this process easier of finding a good Christmas market next time you are in Germany you can use the train with a Rail Pass, check out this the German Tourism Boards and DBahns Christmas Market App..

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  • Alex
    Posted at 05:31h, 10 December

    You sure do get around (ifyaknowwhatimean). But really, so cool that Santa flies over Hamburg. Have you figured out what makes your favorite gluhweins the best? And aren’t we Americans embarrassing? I seriously try and pretend I’m not one. Except I’m loud too so sometimes that’s impossible.

    • Turner
      Posted at 01:42h, 11 December

      it is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Too little sugar and it is too bitter. Too much and it taste like some fruity gay girl drink.