Becoming a Vegas dealer

Anyone can become a croupier, but being a highly successful croupier isn’t easy. Possibly the most important job in the casino, Croupiers are there to not only handle bets and run casino games, but also to manage customers and make money for the house. They need to know the game (or games) they manage inside out and will be able to keep people happy and entertained whilst trying to empty their pockets.

A croupier’s main role is to ensure that the game they are in charge of runs smoothly. They will welcome players to the table, before engaging in light conversation and asking if players are aware of the rules. They will then either deal cards, spin the roulette wheel or do whatever else is required in the game they are managing, all whilst taking bets and explaining outcomes. They will be able to explain the rules at any point and answer any questions that less experienced players may have.

Most casinos will actively hire croupiers who can manage more than one game and will often hold a working job interview on the floor to check out dealing techniques or knowledge of each game. Experience is often the key to this, but gambling enthusiasts will often do well if they have spent plenty of time sitting on the other side of the table. Croupiers must be able to concentrate for long periods of time and carry out quick mental calculations and people who can’t do this will be found out pretty quickly. Woking hours tend to be very unsociable as well, with plenty of late night / early morning finishes in most Vegas casinos.


Although most casino visitors are there to enjoy themselves and have a good time, there will always be the weird and wacky characters who there for one reason; to try and get one over on the house. Whether this is taking an aggressive strategy or being completely underhanded and resorting to cheating (especially in Las Vegas), the croupier is responsible for handling these players in the most positive way possible. Many casinos serve alcohol and situations can often get out of hand quickly, but croupiers will always have a safe working environment, as security staff must always be present on the casino floor.

Getting to the top in the casino world can often be long road, but the benefits are very much worth it, especially in a global gambling centre in Las Vegas. Vast amounts of money can be wagered every night and good croupiers should receive good tips, especially if their customer services skills are top notch and the customer walks away with a winning feeling.

Working as a croupier isn’t just limited to physical casinos however, with the internet now providing opportunities for those who may not quite be ready for the fast pace of sin city. Games with real croupiers are broadcast to desktop computers as well as mobile devices over the internet. 888casino, one of the best online casinos, allows gamers to experience hours of enjoyment and excitement on their live casino section. The popularity of this feature is driving demand for skilled croupiers, with many earning just as much money in front of the camera as they would on a busy casino floor.

Working as croupier is a great career in itself, with plenty of development opportunities and places like Las Vegas, Macau and even cruise ship companies crying out for skilled employees. However, it is also a great stepping stone or interim role for those starting out in their careers, with plenty of training and customer service exposure as a daily part of the job. The biggest draws however are the tips, with some Vegas making vast amounts of money in a single night!

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