Bangkok Travel Guide

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Bangkok is a city that never sleeps; there is always something fun happening somewhere. Not far away from Hong Kong, it only takes 2 hours to fly to Bangkok. Bangkok makes a perfect holiday destination for travellers of all ages. Whether you are looking for a relaxing and reenergising trip, a shopping spree without breaking the bank or a eat all day kinda tour, Bangkok have got you covered! What makes it better is how cheap things are! If you are thinking of planning a trip to this majestic city, keep reading! Here’s a list of some of the must visit attractions in Bangkok.

  1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

One cannot travel to Bangkok and not visit the Chatuchak weekend market. Its name gives some hint; the market is only open during the weekends. On Friday, the market opens around 6:00 pm and closes at midnight. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you are planning a trip, make sure to spread it over the weekend so you can visit the most famous flea market in Bangkok. Not only is Chatuchak weekend market the most famous, it is also one of the largest markets in the world, with a size of about 26 football fields! You can find all kinds of things in the market, street food, restaurants, home decorations, traditional Thai fragrance stores, handmade or wholesale fashion and so on. Flea markets in Bangkok are usually cheap, but prices do vary from store to store, so make sure you bargain a little to get your ideal price. Don’t just shop for yourself though! With a market that holds all kinds of fun things, you will definitely be able to get a piece of Bangkok for your loved ones back home. The best plan is to visit the market after your breakfast, don’t worry you can either enjoy your lunch trying different street food or grab a seat in one of the restaurants inside the market. And if your feet are starting to sore from all the walking and shopping, there’s cheap message places inside the market to let you cool down a bit before you get back outside. One little reminder for you, shops in the market often only accept cash, so make sure you have enough cash with you. There are a few money exchange places in the market, but they are difficult to find, so make sure you have enough Thai baht with you and get whatever you fancy!

  1. Asiatique The Riverfront

As night falls, Bangkok is lit up in every corner, as if the dark sky gives the city more energy and vibrancy. A little upgrade from daytime flea market is where the Asiatique The Riverfront fits in. This open air shopping and dining bazaar was built in 2012 on a renovated dock from back in the days. This unique night market imitates architectural styles from historical maritime trading houses. Asiatique The Riverfront has four different districts, each district shows special features of Bangkok as well as what the artists imagine Bangkok will be like in the future. There’s even a Farris Wheel by the riverside for you to enjoy the night view of Bangkok. Right at the middle of the dock is the dining area, ranging from burgers, steaks, to traditional Thai cuisine, there’s something delicious waiting for you! The Asiatique The Riverfront is a market where traditional Thai culture, modern Thai culture and Western cultures are mixed together. Hence you can find all sorts of unique independent shops in the market providing you with something only you can own.

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MOCA)

Museums might sound boring to some travellers, yet they are the perfect place to really get to know the country. If you want a fun experience while learning something new about the city that never sleeps, MOCA is the place for you! The MOCA is a very artsy building with a special sculpture by the entrance. This five storeys museum houses more than 800 pieces of paintings and sculptures by some of Thailand’s most renowned artists. All art pieces in the museum represent a certain era as they showcase how Thai fine art has developed, especially after the introduction of modern Western concepts. These amazing art pieces also tell stories of different social issues in Thailand; some of the themes are even quite controversial, such as corruption, religion and prostitution. The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Get ready and embark on this amazing art journey while learning about the development of the Thai society.

  1. Grand Palace

One of the most iconic landmarks of Bangkok is the Grand Palace. Located at the centre of Bangkok, this regal place has been the official residence of Thai Kings since 1782; it is truly a precious piece of history. The palace well deserve its name as it is located on a man made island over 218400 square metres and the palace exterior is covered with the most expensive materials in the world – gold, green jade and diamonds. When looking at the design of the palace, you can see a mixture of Thai and Western styles. The palace is divided into 5 parts – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Outer Court, the Middle Court, where the Phra maha Monethien Buildings, the Phra Maha Prasat Buildings and the Chakri Maha Prasat Buildings located; the Inner Court and the Siwalai Gardens. In which the Temple of the Emerald Buildings is the most famous, many believes that one will be blessed if they visit the temple. As the palace is still a working place for the royals, only two areas are opened to the public for tour. A little reminder for you, make sure to dress accordingly when visiting the Grand Palace, as it is Bangkok’s most respected place. No see through clothing, tank tops and shorts or skirts above the knee are allowed. If you happen to be wearing sandals and flip-flops, make sure so bring some socks with you, as visitors are not allowed to step into the temples barefoot. But if you are only aware of the dress code at the entrance, don’t worry there’s a place for you to rent clothing by the entrance. The Grand Palace is opened for 8:30 am to 3:30 pm; so make sure to arrive to the palace early.

  1. Wat Pho

Another Bangkok’s well-known attraction is the Wat Pho Temple, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. As Buddhism is the most practiced religion in Thailand, the Wat Pho Temple is one of Bangkok’s oldest, largest and most important temples. It is believed that the Wat Pho Temple has been built as early as the 18th century. This temple houses over one thousand Buddha images and the most famous of all, a 46 metres reclining Buddha. Many come to see this lavish gold covered Buddha. Located next to the Grand Palace, the Wat Pho Temple is one of the very few that was categorised as a royal class Temple. A breath taking piece of history, the Wat Pho Temple was recognised by UNESCO in their Memory of the World Programme in 2011. A little fun fact for you, the temple is where the school of traditional Thai medicine locates; and the place that started the world famous Thai massage. If you wish to experience the most traditional and authentic Thai massage, there’s a massage centre inside the temple. Remember, there’s also a dress code for entering the temple, remember to dress modestly and accordingly!

6.Wat Arun

Every temple in Bangkok has its own features and uniqueness, and the Wat Arun Temple doesn’t come short compared to other Buddhist Temples with its pearly iridescence and colourful porcelain exterior. Located next to the Chao Phraya River, the temple looks like an elegant piece of treasure when sunlight is reflected upon on its wall and on the river. Hence it was crowed the name The Temple of Dawn. In fact it is also one of the six temples that made it to the royal list. This temple is truly one of a kind. It’s prang was over 80 metres high, climb up the staircase that leads to the terrace, you can get a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River. The temple is the most attractive during the daytime, but it can get very crowded, so it’s best to visit it at the morning and get the perfect instagram picture! Same with any Thai temples, a modest dress code is required in the temple, so dress accordingly!

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