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Tulum, without a doubt, is for all tourists one of the most famous attractions of the Riviera Maya because, in addition to having beaches that seem to be taken from a paradise. 

Tulum has many more attractions that you can meet during your next visit.

Tulum has more attractions that you will be able to know during your next visit because this small city is much more than sun and sand because in a wonderful city like this one. Surrounded by high palms and an exciting tropical environment, you will be able to know great attractions like cenotes, caves, archaeological zones, nearby lagoons, jungle, delicious and incredible food restaurants, and more.

The places you have to know in Tulum are:

Archeological Zone

The archaeological zone of Cancun is one of the most important attractions within this city because, in it, you will be able to know the most relevant data of the Mayan culture. As well as you will also understand the ceremonial and protection use for which they used this great site, this is much bigger than you imagine, so you will have to go prepared to walk for a reasonable period of time. At the same time, you admire in its totality each space and the small cenotes that surround this area.

Also near the archaeological zone, you can find Playa Paraiso, which you can access from the area utilizing giant wooden stairs that will guide you to the most beautiful beach in Tulum, surrounded by huge palm trees and huge rocks. This place is complemented by the white sand and the characteristic turquoise sea of the Caribbean.

Near the archaeological zone, you can also visit the cenotes, which are made up of freshwater underwater chambers, undoubtedly are essential places where you can swim in areas considered sacred to the Mayan culture.


You’ll find the city of Tulum so great that you’ll hardly want to leave it. The most famous attractions are the rustic restaurants, which offer typical Mexican food, seafood and if you travel a little more to the nice area, you can find restaurants of high cuisine.

Within the city, it will be straightforward to move with a shuttle from Cancun to Tulum, and then you can rent a bike to ride around the city and know every inch of it.


The beach clubs in Tulum are so great that you’ll want to visit the place with your friends and acquaintances because the atmosphere is far from being a party, it’s about joy and good company. Surely you’ll want to meet papaya beach project of Tulum, where you’ll live an enjoyable experience, Ziggy’s club beach is a place where you can live in the company of your friends and family. The best thing about this place is that you can live the experience of an incredible ocean view. At the same time, you know the full range of food in the club, Coco Tulum where you can enjoy an impressive view of the sea, and you can accommodate the way you want in their chairs, tables, hammocks, and lounge chairs. Visiting this place is great because they have live music and a cheerful atmosphere, mine, an unconventional and hybrid restaurant-bar within a hotel. These are just some of the essential beach clubs you can visit during your visit to Tulum.

Preparations you need before traveling to Tulum:


Before visiting a place like Tulum, you should know that the hotel occupancy is quite extensive, so we recommend you to anticipate all your accommodation processes, whether you stay here or in the Riviera Maya.

The five best hotels to stay in and around Tulum are the following:

  • Ahau
  • My Love by Colibri
  • The fish by Colibri
  • Tiki Tiki
  • Prana Boutique


If you are going to travel to Tulum, you have to know that there are no direct flights to the city, so you have to take your precautions about which airport you will choose to have your flight arrive at (the most convenient in any case and closest, is Cancun).

You are booking your plane tickets before your trip will be perfect because you will be able to accommodate your schedule according to your flight and the activities you have planned in the city.


You can acquire different types of transportation to go from Cancun to Tulum or from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. It all depends on your itineraries, the most viable method for travelers is by Cancun Car Rental, because in this way they can quickly move from wherever they want. Usually, the most requested service is City Car Rental Cancun Airport, because immediately since you arrive in the city and have the way to move on your own.

Don’t forget to take your most essential items with you during your trip, documents, licenses, medication certificates if you are taking something special (especially if you are hypertensive or suffer from a chronic or mental illness). Personal hygiene items, cameras, cell phones, travel items you need, among others, do not forget anything and enjoy your next adventure in Tulum with this essential guide to know the best places in this beautiful city.

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