Advice for Today’s Busy IT Professional When Visiting India – Take Time Out to Explore

While working in Information Technology is a great profession with a wonderful future, there is one common frustration which most IT professionals endure. It seems as though you are always in front of a computer screen or busily working through code and design. There is a whole world waiting for you, so if you are traveling to India to meet with clients or suppliers, do take time to explore this wonderful land with thousands of places for the adventure of a lifetime.


Where to Go and What to See?

One Indian based adventure travel company, Mojhi, lists over 3,000 places to visit. Each is an adventure unto itself, some for the more adventurous in spirit, others for those who want a place just to chill. India is renowned for spirituality and meditation, so why not visit the Himalayas on a walk along the base of these most majestic mountains known for being home to some of the world’s most spiritual holy men.

If you prefer a bit more energetic activity, you can surf the tides at Mangalore or bike it through Himachal Pradesh. Where you go for your adventure depends largely on the amount of time you have to spend and how much real excitement you want to experience. With all those adventures open to you and found on Mojhi, there is something for every busy IT professional, no matter what your physical condition may be in the moment.

Why You Need a Break

When you are working in IT, the key focus is on information. This means that you are using your mind 100 percent of the time while making minimal use of your body. Not only do you need to exercise more but you need to work your mind a bit less. According to research documented in Scientific American, creativity and productivity are increased when you give the brain a break. Your intentions may be good back at home, but the job demands so much that good intentions fly out the window when there is a deadline to meet or a glitch in the latest software for the gadgets you are developing.

This means a trip back to the IT team in Bangalore and days of working through possible solutions so your new device can launch as projected. However, at some point, the problem will be solved so don’t head back home just yet. Take the advice offered in the science journal and book an adventure with Mojhi. You deserve a break and your mind surely needs one.

From Rationalization to Reality

You will probably try to rationalize why now is not the time for an adventure. Step back for a moment and look at what you are saying! Your deadlines are not being met, you are stressed beyond your limits and all of this is carrying through to your home life. The reality is, you need a break!

You may even get a break on airline flights if you stay longer, so book an adventure, calm or exciting and let yourself unwind. When you get back to work, your mind will thank you for that much-needed rest and your boss will be there right alongside it. There is no reason not to explore India – and if you don’t need that break? Take one anyway. There’s an adventure waiting just for you. You may even decide to stay a bit longer and start working there so you can have an adventure everyday! IF you are thinking about working in India, check out to get some local ID.

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  • Ashfina
    Posted at 01:34h, 20 January

    I agree with you, always take your time to explore and your mind will thank you later 🙂